Have I hit a testing wall? :(

<p>This is my 7th grade SAT:
680-500-720 = 1900</p>

<p>These are my high school PSAT scores so far:
CR-M-WR | Total
63-48-65 | 176 (Fresh)
67-60-63 | 190 (Soph)</p>

<p>I feel as if I'm right back where I started...if not worse in other areas. I'm really ecstatic about my math improving considering it's my worst subject in and out of class, but my CR and W scores are really fluctuating...Any ideas why and how to fix that? I'm stressing out considering this is the year that it all "counts." The Texas cut off hovers around 216-218 or something like that. Is a 220 too big of a leap for me to make by the time testing comes around?</p>

<p>Go to the SAT Preparation Forum and read the Silverturtle Guide at the top of the page. It will help you come up with a game plan to raise your scores.</p>