Have I ruined my chances?

<p>I'm on my second quarter in college.. I just found out that I have received a D in Calculus. I know I need to start some sort of studying schedule for next quarter and I am planning to retake the class. Would this D ruin my chances of med. school? (Assuming that I do decent on the rest of my classes and on the MCATs).</p>

<p>Retaking the class will not remove it from your medical school application and is probably not a great idea.</p>

<p>I understand that all of my grades, even if I retake it, will be shown on my app.. I need it for my major, so I have to retake it. Does it matter to medical schools if there is an upward trend in grades?</p>

<p>Upward trends do matter; they're the second best option. Best, of course, is to just have high grades. Upward trend is next best, followed by downward trend, followed by just bad grades.</p>