Have math teachers failed you, too?

<p>I feel like 95% of math teachers in my school, and my entire school system, are very incompetent. In my school, they place us in "groups" where the teacher refuses to answer individual questions unless everybody is on the same problem, and is asking the exact same question. This becomes really difficult when half the group decides to fall asleep, and the other half is chatting/texting on their cellphone. And when the teacher does "teach", we usually spend our time doing irrelevant b.s that never appears on standardized testing. I feel like the only way to learn math is to self teach. Agree or disagree?</p>

<p>Disagree. In an otherwise completely incompetent school, I have had the same math teacher for what will be three years next fall and she is phenomenal. She has >90% passing rate on the AP Calc test and that is amazing compared to the rest of the school's combined <15% passing rate. Plus she is a babe o.O</p>

<p>^ I'm in a similar position (though my math teacher is definitely not attractive). I don't know about passing rates or whatever, but she's definitely the best math teacher in the school. This is her fourth year teaching me and I actually changed my schedule at the beginning of this year so I could switch to her class. I have a feeling that I wouldn't be coping nearly as well with IB Math HL if she weren't my teacher.</p>

<p>lol for all 4 years of my HS career, I will have the same 2 Math teachers. Both are amazing. </p>

<p>MYP Geom and IB Math HL 2. He is a ****ing genius. The math stuff he does is epic.</p>

<p>Myp Alg 2 / Trig and IB Math HL 1. She knew me from freshman year because of my MYP geom teacher. One of three sophomores she likes. She is amazing though. </p>

<p>Both are excellent teachers. I learn a lot from them(not alg 2 though since I know everything in that class).</p>

<p>My math teacher was amazing. She was really strict though. If you came into class even a few minutes late she would make you stand but she had a kick-ass sense of humour and made us laugh.</p>

<p>My Pre-Calc teacher this year was decent. Not sure if it's because the class was graded on a massive curve, but I felt as if I learned a lot. Past math teachers have been horrific, however.</p>

<p>I was in both Honors and Regulars Math. I dropped down to Reg. this year, and I can say that the two systems are completely different. </p>

<p>Honors is very tough. The teacher doesn't exactly care if you don't do well on her tests and quizzes, and she doesn't stop to make sure you get concepts -- you have to go to her yourself to get help. </p>

<p>On the other hand, the reg. teacher cares TOO much. He, as mentioned by another poster, is the type who needs to make sure a good number of the class doesn't understand a problem before he explains it. </p>

<p>... My teachers are both Asian, so there's no chance of not getting a good math education (at least in Reg. The Honors teacher just assumes you already have a good math education).</p>

<p>^^Precalc on a massive curve? Seriously? My teacher tried to curve tests but....some people......would get 100's and ruin the curve. How massive of a curve are we talking about?</p>

<p>i haven't paid any attention to any of my math teachers' in high school. They were pretty much useless. It would of been better if they just gave me the book and a study hall instead of actually trying to listen to the teachers. They did not do anything for me.</p>

<p>i have been in honors math all of high school/ and ap calculus bc my senior year, but from what i gather the teachers actually teach in "regular classes" that just might be in my school though</p>

How massive of a curve are we talking about?


I got over a 100 every grading period (3 in total). I guess people did score perfectly, but she still..curved up?</p>

<p>^ Lol that reminds me of my geometry class. Except he didn't grade anything on a curve except our midterm. Graded it on an IB Scale, and got a 7.</p>

<p>@Romulus I go to a public high school in one of the poorest regions in Texas, math teachers here are definitely crappy. I feel your pain.</p>

<p>Our math classes have never got a student below a 4 on any of the math AP's (Stats, AB/BC)</p>

<p>I've had some excellent teachers and some awful ones for math</p>