Have not heard one word from UCLA

<p>Should my S2 have received any communication from UCLA by now? The only thing he's received is an invitation to apply for an alumni scholarship. His app was filed on time and forwarded to both UCLA and UCB. He's received logon info from UCB, but not one word from UCLA admissions office. He's a California resident. Is this normal for UCLA, or should he be concerned enough to contact the Admissions Office?</p>

<p>I had this dilemma few weeks ago too. So I've decided to email the admission office to confirm. They told me that UCLA does not provide login portal this year, and you should wait till mid March for the decision. You can email them to confirm that your son's application had been received.</p>

<p>Thanks, Laby'</p>

<p>This decision by UCLA to not contact applicants rubs me the wrong way. It's mildly offensive to have my son put so many hours into his college app, and not even receive acknowlegement it was received. It seems like yet another step in a perceived decline of the UC system. I already had doubts about UC in general, with funding cuts, too many students with too little resources, too many impacted majors, overcrowded dorms, inability to get needed classes, inability to graduate in 4 years, 500+ student lectures taught by grad students, some of whom speak english that's barely intelligible, massively increased fees in the last 2 years, with 20% additional fee increase looming. </p>

<p>Honestly, I'd like to know what makes UC a currently desirable choice for UG education. I'm not seeing many plusses. As a parent, and lifelong CA resident, I'm just not seeing it.</p>

<p>My daughter received an email a week or two ago from UCLA that stated she should have received an email in December but they realized that she hadn't received it. The email simplely said that they had received her ap. I believe this happened to others too.</p>

<p>I see things like this as an omen, if you will. Dysfunctional admission process (under the current UC situation) could portend a dysfunctional UG experience (the way things are trending).</p>

<p>I got the same email as whatever52. I also received a supplemental request in the beginning of the month.</p>

<p>Emails were sent to inform students they're application was received...I believe mine came in Decemeber.
UCLA does not have students create a portal like the other schools.</p>

<p>Did you or your son receive a call/voicemail from the UCLA Alumni Association this past week?</p>

<p>Of all the schools my daughter applied to, UCLA is the only one without a login portal.</p>

<p>Gosh, you seem very negative about UC!
With all these complaints maybe your son would be happier at a different university where he isn't so negatively biased.</p>

<p>If your son feels the same way then he won't pick UCLA. As simple as that. I don't really understand why you're so upset. Don't be THAT parent who forces your kid to go somewhere he'll be unhappy at, just because you're biased against a school he wants to go to.</p>

<p>The UC system isn't perfect, but to answer your question, the plusses of going here are that it's a great diverse environment, has a wide variety of majors to choose from, and the UCLA name is world-reknowned just to name a few. UCLA is not for everyone but it's not as if it's some dump.</p>

<p>And to do a little rumor-squashing: most people graduate in 4 years or less unless they are an engineer, a double major, or they switched majors late in the game. The idea that it's impossible to graduate in 4 years is completely false, and I know just as many people who graduated in 3 years as those who graduated in 5.</p>

<p>There are no 500+ student lectures. The largest lecture hall on campus doesn't even hold 400 people.</p>

<p>Grad students do not teach classes. Professors teach classes and grad students do the grading and reinforce the concepts.</p>

<p>And finally, grad students and professors with unintelligible accents exist everywhere, even in private schools. My friends who go to private schools have similar complaints.</p>

Grad students do not teach classes. Professors teach classes and grad students do the grading and reinforce the concepts


<p>Depending on the classes, professors also sometimes do the grading. I was taking a class last quarter with two professors who both graded all of the papers.</p>

<p>But yeah, that guy was just bent on spreading misinformation. I ended up typing a long reply a while back, but i guess the internet went down and CC didn't save it. He was just ranted because he was "rubbed the wrong way."</p>

<p>Oh, I see. This was a long time ago haha</p>

<p>How do these people keep pulling up posts from so long ago and not even notice?</p>