Have they received my stuff yet?

<p>Does anybody know if we can check if they got my acceptance coupon and check. I just have these horrible nightmares of it getting lost in the mail and I end up at community college and have to work at walmart the rest of my life. I sent it in about a week ago and I haven't received any confirmation. Did anybody call or anything like that?</p>

<p>There's no confirmation - you just get your Cornell Bound information in the mail. If you're that worried, I'm sure you can call admissions and they can check for you.</p>

<p>Did they cash the check? If so, they received it.</p>

<p>I called admissions to check (before I got Cornell Bound), and they didn't have any problem telling me.</p>

<p>Might put your mind at ease.</p>

<p>log into your admissions status and they will say "we have processed your deposit" or w/e</p>

<p>well thanks, but i got my cornell bound packet today so i don't have to do anything else</p>