Have you bought anything from WISH?

Recentaly, I “discovered” another online shopping site WISH. On the surface, they offer incredible price, but when you really start to order from it, you will find either it is a biat, over priced, slow delivery or totally crap. I’ve had tried everything and only one item I’ve ordered is useful. Let me describe.

A Bait, there are a lot of items on the first page that is basically give away and you only have to pay shipping for it. But they limit the order to one a day or one per item. So, if you order, they will take it and later on refund you. The excitement of getting a freebee makes you continue ordering.

Over priced, they post a low price on an item with an incredible deal. For example, 640 different Screws and Nails for $1, but when you enter the order, $1 can only buy 100 and the 640 in the photo will cost you $10 plus shipping. If you are not alert, you order the 640, you are over paying.

Slow delivery, I ordered an item for $74 plus $10 shipping, it is a good buy, because the same item will cost $150 on Amazon. It took over one month to get it shipped from China, whereas I can get it the next day from Amazon. I have to admit that this situation happens everywhere including Ebay.

I have ordered stuff that is totally unusable in the mail, it is hard to return them to China and some times I just eat the mistake because it is too small of an item to fight for it. I later found on Youtube, there are people who bought one of each of one kind of item and show they are all craps.

I haven’t purchased anything from WISH, but I understand much of the stuff comes from China and a lot of items are cheap knockoffs. I first became aware of WISH when, a few years ago, I noticed their sponsorship logo on the Lakers’ jerseys!

Hmm, from what has been described, it sounds like you’re saving us a lot of aggravation by your candid comments and review. Based on the two posts above, I don’t plan to learn more about this company and can imagine ever using them.

I too made the mistake of ordering clothes from a clothing site, early in the pandemic. Until the clothes arrived, I didn’t know it came from China. I tried to get a return label, explaining how the fabric and fit were unacceptable. I lost, as the clothes resembled the pictures. Lesson learned.

I ordered 3 t shirts and a sun dress. Right away, D1 noted problems she and friends had.

Originally est to deliver 7-10 days. On order, they said 3-4 weeks. Later email, 3 months.

It did come earlier, 8 weeks? I think the legit issue was getting it transported. Flights out of China were all but closed.

Maybe it came by boat?

I suspect other Chinese goods are already stocked in US warehouses. Big difference.

Won’t order again until I hear better feedback. But the tees were lovely, soft, well printed. The dress, meh. But under $10. I can donate it.

No pricing bait and switch for me.

My D had to order a bridesmaid dress online supposedly made to her measurements. Didn’t fit at all but it was so butchered the dressmaker couldn’t alter to fit. She had to order a 2nd unaltered dress and the dressmaker could alter that one so it was presentable (but horribly uncomfortable, leaving welts on her arms).

Another bridesmaid had similar issues (had to buy 2 dresses). Those experiences have made me very reluctant to purchase any unknown clothing brands online.

I’ve only watched several YouTube-based channels that intentionally purchased items for amusement.

“I bought a FAKE golf club from WISH” - Rick Shiels - it broke within a few holes

“ I Built A PC with Parts from WISH and got SCAMMED” - Linus Tech Tips



I added the WISH app because it advertised fabric at a cheap price. Luckily, I noticed that it was not sold by the yard but I think was fat quarters or something like that. Way more expensive than just going to a fabric store here. And it would ship from China so would take forever. I quickly took the app off my phone.

I did order a bias tape maker on Amazon and it was to ship from China. The dates kept changing and finally I cancelled the order. Amazon had no problem with that and refunded my money. It arrived about 2 weeks later. Recently ordered something else through Amazon and it was to ship from China. Amazon cancelled after it didn’t arrive (I had forgotten about it and it was only a few $$ so no big deal).

Shipping from China is still taking forever.

I have been buying from China for a long time, on Ebay. I buy items that is not urgently in need, for example, remote control batteries or tools. On Ebay, they tell you what kind of shipping arrangement it is. If “economy” is included in the shipping description, you expect 2 month, on the other hand, if “express” is described, the shipping speed could be 2 weeks to 1 month. If you have to pay extra for the shipping, normally they come pretty fast.

However, this WISH website is some thing else. They will trick you and many bate and switch is going on. More importantly, you cannot gurantee quality. There are so many kinds security cameras that are so cheap, makes you wonder if they are any good. The description and specs are not complete in most of the items or they are not clear because the English expression problems, so I gave up on most of the items. I have returned more items than accepting them, for those I thought I know what they are.

Its a totally waste of my time, IMHO.