Have you moved to a different High School than your local area?

<p>I think the problem I had was that I kept constantly moving before I came to high school. So, I ended up starting in a public high school in an area without having gone to the local public middle school.
People around me lived in the same area for years, so they made close friends in middle school. Then they all went to the local high school and continued their already established cliques.</p>

<p>I came from a totally different middle school, so I guess it was hard to break and join a clique. People weren't interested in making newer friends I guess--they were more focused on strengthening their bonds. </p>

<p>Did anyone else deal with a similar problem to mine?</p>

<p>A similar problem occurred to me, but yours is probably worse than mine. I moved to Elk Grove, CA when I was a fifth grader and I desperately missed San Jose, where I made numerous close friends even though most of my peers (who aren't really my friends) over there called me nerd and some other geeks. I had a horrible time adjusting to the new town. I was unable to make a close friend until eighth grade of middle school and middle school I really hate, especially seventh grade, since people called me "nerd." However, by the time I got into high school, I was able to make some more friends but in a slow gradual process. Moreover, I'm glad my schoolmates in middle school matured when they became high schoolers. No more do I hear "nerd" as an insult.</p>