Have you opened your bank accounts yet?

<p>I wanted to pass along to new AFA parents and cadets how easy it was to set up our son’s banking and direct deposits by phone and mail. </p>

<p>We chose Armed Forces Bank (AFB). </p>

<p>FYI- since our son is not 18 yet, AFB could not issue a credit card in his name. We did however have our local bank issue a Master Card (with our account number) in his name. Our son will now be able to charge his printer and any forgotten items without worrying if he has money in the bank. </p>

<p>Thank goodness he already knows money doesn’t grow on trees! Just ask him how much he paid for his brother’s chipped tooth and two pair of eye glass frames. ;)</p>

<p>Just as an addendum to that, when it comes to the decision on whether to use the Armed Forces Bank or the Credit Union, the choice is yours. However, my PERSONAL opinion is that the Bank is very good. It has great customer service and a huge advantage I found with it was that it had an office right in the cadet area so it was very easily accessible.</p>

<p>How do you open your bank account? Did USAFA send us info about it? If they did, then I missed it.</p>

<p>They had information at the Appointee Orientation, or you should be able to do it online or request a mailing.</p>

<p>You will also have a chance to open an account at InProcessing.</p>

<p>It was in the Instructions to Appointees booklet that came in the second packet. There is a section devoted to the banking accounts, and it has numbers you can call, and websites where you can do it online.</p>

<p>Yeah I totally missed it.</p>

<p>Thanks, all.</p>

<p>Ok heres the inside scoop, you don't as a parent have to worry about setting it up. They will have a whole breifing with the basics discussing both options. Both are really good banks, however the convience of the Armed Forces Bank is far better especially with the lack of transportation a freshman will have. I at first chose the Air Academy Federal Credit Union but switched on parents weekend due to the inconvience of its distance. The Armed Forces Bank has the bank right on base rather then off like AAFCU. Also they have an ATM on base if you have AAFCU you will be charged a dollar for each transaction. If the parents want a hand in the bank account you can co-sign in order to help with your cadets money. I do recommend this so that if your cadet needs to do something that is complicated or a large cash transaction you may want to have the assurance that you can help.</p>

<p>We opened one with USAA bank. This is a bank which is for the military only and the cadets can keep their account the rest of their lives. You can get free checks, free checking, and 10 free (non USAA) ATM withdrawals per month. They also offer all kinds of insurance to military members, brokerage accounts, and just about any kind of financial service you may need. They have a website and I highly recommend using them. I am sure the on campus banks are fine but changing accounts later is always a hassle so you may want to check them out. My parents banked with them throughout their military careers and many moves and I have had accounts (as a former dependant) for over 40 years and several moves with no problems.</p>