Have you taken Online Summer Courses in High School

I am trying to decide whether to take Algebra II or not this summer. Have you taken it online? If so, was it better or worse than you expected? What kind of commitment was it? Do you think it was too much? Did you feel like you got a break?

I’m currently taking two classes online (though neither are math classes; one is Financial Literacy and one is Computer Technology, both required for graduation).

It’s a little awkward at first, but I think online classes are worth it. I think the best part about online classes is that you CAN get a break whenever you want. I’m honestly more happy just sitting down and doing a few lessons in a couple hours and then taking a few days off rather than go to class every day and learn at everyone else’s pace. Obviously you have to be motivated and disciplined to come back and sit down for the next lesson, but if you can handle managing your own time (and you HAVE enough free time between friends, work, etc.) then I think it’s a rewarding experience.

I took Algebra II last year in school and honestly was so bored in class because it moved too slowly. Everyone else needed a week to learn the unit circle, but if I were to take it again online I’m sure I’d be much happier. Go for it if you want to. It’ll look good to colleges I’m sure, since it shows your motivated to move faster and stuff.

I’m taking pre-calc this summer and its not too bad although the program I’m using makes me write essays and is apparently not very good so I’ll be supplementing it with a pre-calc textbook from my high school and Khan Academy.

Online Classes are very hard for most people. If you are taking a hard subject (I just took Calculus online at my community college) it can be stressful and a lot of work. The class I took was compressed into just 6 weeks.

FOr the class you mentioned (algebra 2) it should be fairly easy to pull off since it generally is not too difficult, but still it is a huge commitment and looking back on my chose to take Calculus online I strongly regret it.