Have you taken the SAT yet??????

<p>What's the most effective way to prepare for the SAT (I got the basic skills like grammar rules, math general skills, etc. but i'm still scoring continually between 1450-1550): A.)1-1 tutoring and work on CollegeBoard
B.) Self study the CollegeBoard book with answer key in your hand with explanations C.) Go to a prep course and pay over a 1000 dollars if you have the money to do so D.) I have a different opinion</p>

<p>If you choose D, what do you recommend for me?

<p>well what i did, and what raised my score considerably, was just doing practice tests. lots and lots of practice tests.
After each practice tests, check what you did well and what you didn't. Does your vocab need improvement? study vocab words that week. did you make dumb mistakes in simple algebra? well.... that's why they say practice makes perfect.
I know lots of people at my school who spend $$$$ on courses that didn't help them that much, if at all.
Buy the collegeboard book, the big blue one. Try, if you can, to take all the practice tests (although I certainly didnt), or at least enough so that you have taken 1-3 where you score in your desired area.
that's my advice.</p>