Have you/your child worked with any big names?

<p>Day off in CT, first snow! Let's play...I don't mean have you ever met or taken a workshop/summer camp with someone famous, although we can go there if this is a short lived thread. Have you ever WORKED with anyone famous? I realize that word is subjective because I really don't know too many names on Broadway, but others may have. Any funny stories?</p>

<p>OK, I'll start for my D (who obviously has better things to do as she has a life.)</p>

<p>Chloris Leachman
Dean Martin (Showboat tour)</p>

<p>Helen Green, Thom Christianson (Oliver-North Shore Music Theatre)</p>

<p>Terrance Mann (Romeo & Juliet the Musical at Goodspeed) he directed her in his original workshop</p>

<p>Oh yes one more,</p>

<p>Britney Spears (opened for concert with Radio Disney Tune Troupe) Didn't actually meet her tho.</p>

<p>Ok, enough snow now! I've shoveled twice & there's no end in sight...fun is DONE!
Evidently it is not the norm for college kids to have worked in their field with big names yet, so I guess the game is over. My d's been fortunate, especially considering she hasn't even had an manager/agent...except for me that is. So let's hope everyone gets a list eventually and that it just keeps growin'!</p>

<p>I have alot of snow too and I'm percrastinating a bit. So I'll throw in my tiny bit. Even though I didn't get to perform with him, (I may have fainted if I did out of amazment) Ben Vereen introduced a number I was in.</p>

<p>I'm not sure if it's the norm or not but I sure know a lot of kids who have worked, in various ways, with theatre professionals during their college years, my D included. Many kids take a leave of absence to do a show or a tour, so would have the opportunity to work with pros that way. Although my D never took a leave, she did have the opportunity to work on a few readings during the school years, as well as summer work with theatre pros. A few that she has had the pleasure of collaborating with through the years (in a variety of different kinds of projects) have been Anthony Rapp, Terry Kinney, Martha Plimpton, Mano Felciano, Anika Larsen, Michael Therriault, Matt Caplan, Joshua Kobak, Bill Finn, Sarah Cornell. Another wonderful opportunity for many kids is when working actors, directors, choreographers visit college classes and spend time with students working on scene work, stage combat, script work, even just the opportunity for kids to 'pick the brain' of these pros is invaluable. </p>

<p>These visits often lead to the kids making contacts which would lead to something else, as is common in the theatre world. This was something which happened often to my D's classes at Tisch, probably close to being on a weekly basis where a class visit, or a prof would arrange for kids to go see a reading of a new play, or visit a workshop, or participate in a workshop, a dinner party for a new Broadway production for cast and crew (the director was a friend of a prof and invited the studio class he'd visited), going to see shows then going backstage to see classmates or a prof or an actor who is an alumni. This aspect of Tisch is probably one of the most valuable, and, I can't even remember all of the guest speakers/instructors she had in her years at Tisch but one of her favorites was Jennifer Grey, who was a particular hit with the girls because of Dirty Dancing! :)</p>

<p>p.s. Melsmom, Dean Martin was in Showboat?</p>

<p>Yikes I can't even name drop properly. Dean Jones was in Showboat (and Herbie the Loveboat's original cast) I can relate to the whole collaborating thing as it was big in my d's competitive dance workshops/seminars. She has learned from many different choreographers during her 18 years of dancing, some we see all the time on the dance shows on tv. Too many to even remember I suppose, for me anyway. Hopefully it WILL help someday to have networked with them, assuming they will be remembered from a class of many!</p>

<p>My d was fortunate to be associated with Theatre Arts here in Tulsa. For a while they were staging a show each summer (and some for Christmas) and bringing in a relatively big name, and she got to be associated with most of the shows. They did "Oliver" with Jamie Farr, "The King and I" with Debbie Boone, "Big" with Adrian Zmed, "Will Roger's Follies" with John Davidson, "Joseph and ...Dreamcoat" with Sam Harris, "Peter Pan" with Kathryn Zaremba(Broadway Annie), "Camelot" with James Shaughnessy (from TV the Nanny) and Susan Powell (former Miss USA) and "Sound of Music" with Rebecca Luker. It was a nice run of shows, and a lot of kids got to be involved.</p>

<p>I guess the "famous" part also comes in when you get the crossover actors from film that do some theatre in their "down" time. They are well known for having established themselves elsewhere first. </p>

<p>dramadad, your d sure was busy & mtgomez it sounds like you will never forget your experience!</p>

<p>in boston there are a bunch of famous actors/actresses, leigh barret, chris chew... i've worked with a few of them.</p>

<p>I know the intent of this thread was which big names you or your children have worked and this doesn't apply but is still funny. My daughter's choir from OCU was performing at the induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Somehow she found herself right next to (7 inches away) from Toby Keith who is being inducted. She is a HUGE fan. She is completely tongue-tied and smiling like a fool. She turns to the girl on her other side and says "I think I'm going to pee in my pants" which is not her usual M.O.; she's more circumspect than that. Just so happens to "girl" to her right is Miss America! She called me the next day, very embarrassed, to tell me the story.</p>

<p>Jordansmom, LOL! Great story, one that is sure to be told over and over.</p>

<p>Dramadad, small correction, Susan Powell was Miss America (OCU Grad!)</p>

<p>I haven't worked with them, but I am good friends with a few long-time Broadway professionals. They're not big names (or really names at all) outside of the theatre community, but they are very successful.</p>

<p>My D hasn't worked with anyone famous but in her local childern's chorus, she did performances with John Lithgow, Edward Hermann, and Bobby McFerrin.</p>

<p>I once had my dinner served to me at an Italian restaurant by a member of the Broadway cast of A Chorus Line (70's, not the revival) and he was also a long-time member of the national touring cast of ACL. He also sang Happy Birthday to the friend I was with. We had seen him perform in an area theater, and he seemed quite embarrassed when we recognized him.</p>

<p>My S sang in a benefit concert with Shuler Hensley, thats all I guess.</p>

<p>dramadad, I think you mean Charles Shaughnessy from the Nanny. :)</p>

<p>My d has a picture of herself and Jason from the orig. OC, and also with Tim McGraw. She's quite the social butterfly, and met them both at clubs somehow.</p>

<p>D worked with director Leah Gardiner, who was the assistant director with Edward Albee on The Goat, or Sylvia ... (I think Albee was also the director but my memory is fuzzy this morning.) The production had several equity folks who work regularly in the Chicaogo area. One of the men had a suporting role in Babershop 2, which came out a couple of months after D ended her run of Piano Lesson with them. D was young when she did the production but she learned a huge amount and it was when we became convinced that she at least had the disposition for professional theatre.</p>

<p>Other than Paul Halley, I haven't really worked with any <em>big names</em>. I just wanted to say though, the whole snow thing got a LITTLE ridiculous yesterday... I'm in Litchfield County in CT, and we literally couldn't leave our house.</p>

<p>Ha, you are right, Kaysmom. He was not the actual Nanny!</p>

<p>And srw, you are right, it's former Miss America. And I agree that is big difference!</p>