Haven't gotten any advertising mail from Fredonia since visiting...

This is going to sound a little funny, and I’m probably overthinking things. But, our DD has gotten all sorts of mail from all sorts of schools. And, we haven’t gotten anything but a survey from Fredonia since we visited. Every other college has been in contact. I’m really curious to know if this is how they are or if it’s somehow us? DD was very hungry during the last stretched out hours of the tour and got cranky. Hopefully I’m overthinking it. Thanks in advance.

You’re overthinking it. Marketing mail means nothing.

Thanks, I’d love to hear from at least one other person with a kid who visited there…we are getting TONS of mail from other places. But thank you so much. :slight_smile:

You’re right though…I looked to see how many times they’ve written and including the survey and something she signed up for, it was four…they contacted her twice before the tour and that was it…

Agree that marketing mail (or lack thereof) means nothing. All this tells you is that Fredonia’s marketing dept is not on it’s A game.

Not getting tons of mail from Fredonia does not mean she’s landed on their blacklist.
Does she like Fredonia? Then she should pop an email off to the admissions office, thank them for the lovely visit, and ask any new questions she has about what they have to offer.

Straight no chaser: If you daughter is really interested in Fredonia, she needs to just apply. The SUNY portal is open and Fredonia is also on the common app. Why is she and your creating angst waiting for some marketing mail? Just apply, they are rolling admissions and she could have a decision by October

Fredonia is a SUNY school and they don’t generally market the way the private colleges do. They don’t have to. My S17 is a student there and I think it’s a terrific school for the right kid and the right major. Please feel free to ask me about the school. Once he was admitted, we got the welcome e-mail and the admission packet in the mail and then other emails about the Honors Progam, visiting and stay over programs.

Thank you so much, it was such a warm and welcoming community. It’s definitely the top of her list. We were a little worried because we didn’t have lunch and had gone on to look at some departments after the tour and our family started to melt down a little with hunger pains. Since then, I bring snacks. :slight_smile:

Thanks, she needs to get her recommendations and finish her essay but she will apply sooner than later.