Haven't heard back yet but friends have?

<p>I applied to Rutgers on the December 1st deadline.
Everyone I know at my school who has applied has already heard back, even my friends who applied up to a week or two PAST the deadline.
Since Rutgers is rolling, this is really making me anxious and I have a pretty good feeling that it means I don't have a very good chance of getting in at this point.
My GPA isn't anything great, 3.55
but I've taken the hardest courses available to me, and am taking all AP classes this year.
My high school is also ranked one of the top in New Jersey so the courses are known to be a lot more rigorous
My SAT scores are
Crit. reading: 690
Math: 690
Writing: 720
I have a decent amount of extracurriculars, with a few leadership positions
and I think I wrote a decent essay (although I've been told that they don't really look at this)</p>

<p>should I expect rejection? :/</p>

<p>Nah dont worry about it. You are most likely to get in just wait because right now they arent updating their site due to the holidays so if anything after jan 4 .</p>