Haven't received confirmation emails from UCs yet...

<p>I submitted my UC app a week before the due date and have currently received a confirmation email (that my app was received) from SD and LA. Actually, LA sent me the same email twice..awk lol</p>

<p>but I still haven't received them from Irvine and Cal, should I be worried? (kinda am already..)
They say 2-3 weeks from when you submit your app and it's been past 3 weeks. </p>

<p>Anyone else in the same situation? What do I do?</p>


<p>The best thing you can do now is call them and ask.</p>

<p>I've only got emails from ucsd(one) and ucla(five, identical, in one hour) but not from cal, ucd, ucsb, and uci.
I think we're fine, at least for now.</p>

<p>ok thank you!
I looked back into the first email I got from the UC site and they said 4 weeks at most, so I'm gonna wait a few more days before contacting them.</p>

<p>Have you called???</p>

<p>ive only gotten an email from ucsd, ucla, and ucsc :/
waiting on davis, sb, and irvine</p>

<p>Daughter has thus far received emails from UCLA, UCSC, and UCI, but not from UCSB or Berkeley.</p>

<p>I turned in my application on Nov 2. I received confirmation from UCSD, UCI, and UCR. I have not received it from UCD and UCLA. I called in UCLA, and they said I should receive it soon, but they already got my application on Nov 11 (look at your UC APP status for the date it was forwarded). Also, UCD said they will send it starting late December to early January. Hope I helped!</p>

<p>got uci today</p>

<p>Got UCD just now!</p>

<p>No worries. If one UC got your application then all the UC's that you paid for got it too. That is the way the UC application system works. They will all eventually get to you. My kid applied to and got in to 5 UC's. UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCI and UCSC. None contacted him back at the same time. Interestingly enough he declined all 5 offers for Cal Poly SLO and loves it -- mechanical engineering. Any other major and he might have gone to a UC.</p>

<p>My son received a confirmation email from UC Irvine, UC San Diego and just received one from UC Davis. Still hasn't received one from UCLA or UC Santa Barbara. It seems like everyone here received their emails from UCLA. I wonder if it depends on what major you've selected? He is Engineering. Is anyone else waiting on UCLA?</p>

<p>^My son applies to UCLA's Engineering too. He hasn't received any email yet.</p>

<p>He only got UCSD and UCI's so far. He submitted on 11/18.</p>