Haverford or Colby???

<p>what do I do????</p>

<p>Depends what you're looking for of course ;)
Personally I'd probably go with Haverford, FWIW.
Do you want to be on a gorgeous kind of isolated campus, or do you want easy access to a major city (and also a nice campus, BTW)
What do you want to study? Is money an issue?</p>

<p>Personally, I would go with Haverford.</p>

<p>haverford is a mini ivy. it's ranked 18th on the wallstreet journal's "top feeder schools into grad school," following the other top LACs (williams amherst swarthmore) i think it's the next highest ranked one.</p>

<p>oh sorry also pomona in california is way up there, and wellesley</p>

<p>Since you have provided exactly zero information about what you are looking for in a college, all we can do is provide a generic answer.</p>

<p>Generically speaking, I would choose Haverford over Colby.</p>

<p>H over C for me...better location, more classes available due to bi-college cross-registration, and I think the student body is a little stronger, too.</p>

<p>Haverford would get my vote.</p>

<p>I would also pick Haverford.</p>

<p>Haverford is one of the top five colleges in the country, according to Princeton Review (and ranks ahead of all of the Ivies for undergraduate ed.)</p>