Having another school official fill out the common app

<p>For the secondary school counselor school report, the common app says: give this form to your secondary school counselor or another school official who knows you better.</p>

<p>Is anyone going to do the latter? My high school's registrar knows me a lot better than my school counselor and so I think I'm going to have her fill out all of the info.</p>

<p>Oh sum1 pleassssse answer this</p>

<p>^^Glad to see I'm not the only one wondering this.</p>

<p>haha. But Ive been hunting the answer for days now :( in vain. I want to ask my English teacher to be my counselor as she knows me better :(</p>

<p>Ahh I'd like to know this too...bump</p>

<p>I just mailed common app support. will let you guys/girls know :)</p>

<p>unfortunately, you can't. Its the counselor who has to fill in the form says the common app support team. :(</p>

<p>Your teacher or any other school official ( even your home teacher ) can fill it out... just make sure that he/she is not the same as the teachers whom you ask for recommendations...</p>

<p>Prinki - Although India may not have counselors, it is better to go to a principal or registrar or someone in administrative capacity in order to get to this letter as opposed to going to a third teacher in your school.</p>

<p>This is meant to discuss your activities outside of class, like sports, leadership, ECs, honors etc. in addition to your academic achievements.</p>

<p>Wait, so can I actually get my principal to write my counselor rec? Because she knows me waaaaay better than my counselor.</p>

<p>@specific, you're mistaken. I specifically (lol) mailed common app asking them that, and they said that you cannot ask another teacher to do it. this is exactly what the mail said:</p>

<p>"Unfortunately, only a counselor can fill out the counselor recommendation. The requirement for this recommendation is more about getting a feel for the academic environment of the school more than just a personal recommendation. The counselor's letter is intended to give admission committees a snapshot of your academic performance in reference to your peers and the opportunity available at your school.
You are able to add teacher recommendations to your application, and some schools even have a minimum requirment for teacher recommendations. Contact your school(s) of interest directly if you have any questions about recommendation requirements.
Again, thank you for contacting us; please do so again if you need additional assistance."</p>

<p>@texas pg- My school does have a counselor.
@ojodeltigre- I think you're in the same situation. Since your school has an official counselor, Im not sure if you can ask your principal to do it :&lt;/p>