Having problems with junior and senior year schedule.

<p>sorry for a long one :(
ok, so here are the classes that i am going to take in my junior year:
AP English Lang
Spanish 3
AP Bio
Anatomy/ Physiology</p>

<p>now, i think that i should have signed up for AP Envi Sci, but the schedule can't be changed now. now, i am planning to take AP Envi Sci in my senior year , beause i heard that it is an easy class. i really wanted to take AP Psych, but my school doesn't offer that. so is it good that i am taking AP envi sci in my senior year just to give my gpa a boost. there is a lot of competition going on in my shcool.
here are the rest of the classes that i am planning to take in my senior year:
AP Calculus
AP Govt/Econ
AP English
Photo 1 (i HAVE to take it)
AP Envi Sci/ AP Physics or Both?
TA (Maybe)</p>

<p>so here are my questions:
which course is easy to self study: AP Psych or AP Envi Sci ?
is it okay to TA for one year if you really want to get in one of the top colleges in CA?
is AP Spanish a very difficult course? how about the AP test? (rate it from 1 to 10 please)
is AP Physics a really difficult course? (rate it from 1 to 10 please)</p>

<p>do have any other comments about my schedules?
thank you very much</p>

<p>AP Environmental Science is easy to self-study. AP Psych has vocab but if you're up to it then take that.</p>