Having trouble getting crimson email to work

<p>Hi all -
does anyone have trouble getting into crimson email? my son is a newly admitted student, and he can log into his mybama account/pages just fine, and he used to be able to get into crimson email system, but more often than not (lately, especially), he gets directed to google gmail account website (which he does not have). he tried getting a gmail account using his crimson.ua.edu name, but it won’t let him…and it’s all just a big mess. he can no longer access housing…roommate finder…and campus notifications. since he is not on campus, who should he contact? thanks for helping!</p>


<p>Crimson email is powered by Google. </p>


<p>(205) 348-5555 or <a href="mailto:itsd@ua.edu">itsd@ua.edu</a></p>

<p>Not many people figure this out, but you can log directly into your Crimson Mail, bypassing myBama, by going to mail.crimson.ua.edu.</p>

<p>Also, your Crimson Mail account is already a Google account, so for example you can download the GMail app to your smartphone to access your Crimson Mail account.</p>