Having trouble making a decision (theater/double major)

Hi all. I’ve “narrowed down” my college enrollment decision to NYU (Steinhardt), Loyola Marymount University, Syracuse, Western Washington University (my close to home college), Gonzaga, and Lewis and Clark.

I want to major in theater and then double major in something else as a backup, of which I haven’t decided. I got accepted into LMU’s theater program, as well as Gonzaga and Western’s, but I didn’t have time to audition for NYU (Tisch) or Syracuse.

I didn’t get a chance to tour Syracuse or NYU so I’d be taking a risk enrolling.

I’m absolutely sure of what I want to do, but at the same time I want to go to a college I actually enjoy. I regret not finding time to audition for Tisch, but I need advice on the following:

-How easy would transferring from Steinhardt to Tisch (next year) be? Am I wasting my time? I’ve heard it’s next to impossible
-Is Syracuse the best option after NYU for theater and is feasible to switch majors next year if I enroll there?
-If I’m already in the theater program at LMU, should I go to LMU instead of wasting my time transferring?
-Do you know anything about the theater programs at Gonzaga/Western/Lewis and Clark and if I’m wasting my time going to these non-theater renowned colleges?

I’m panicking but it’s definitely my fault being so last minute. I’ve just been completely frozen in indecision for a week. ANY help would be appreciated.

For clarification I’m in the LAC (liberal arts core) at Steinhardt, which is the two year long program. So I’m not exactly sure on how transferring works or if it’s even possible.

I’m talking to admissions today but I would still love some more advice.