Having Trouble Picking a College

<p>I am debating between University of Rochester, University of Notre Dame, or OSU. I am thinking of doing something in the sciences, maybe pre-med, but am not sure. There are so many interesting majors and careers, and I just don't know what my goal is yet.
OSU is obviously the cheapest, and ND and Rochester are around the same. OSU would cost me about $16,000 in loans per year. ND and Rochester would cost about $30-35,000 in loans per year.
Any suggestions? :]</p>

<p>I guess one major question: Is rochester or ND worth the extra $$?</p>

<p>You would owe $60-80K at the end of your 4 years and all are well rated universities nationally. IMO, Not worth the extra cost.</p>

<p>Thank you for the reply. I don't really want to go to OSU, partly because of it's size, but it IS a lot cheaper. :(
I really want to go to ND or Rochester, but am seriously afraid of giving myself too much debt! Especially because I may go to graduate school.
It's a tough choice for me.</p>

<p>If you do well at Ohio State, you will have no trouble getting into grad school. Just take advantage of all the great resources, professors etc that OSU has to offer. You will be fine, just find the intellectual niche there (it does exist) and sky's the limit.</p>

<p>True. I am just afraid of its size - that I will not get as many opportunities as I would at ND or Rochester. I would be in the Honors program, but I don't know much about that.</p>