Having two W's in the same class? What are my chances?

I am stuck in a sticky situation. I am debating whether not to drop my Intro to Chemistry class for the second time. The first time was from a summer session where I was given the opportunity to intern for a law firm and it was too late to drop the class without receiving a W. So I accepted the W. I have completed my IGETC for UC’s except for the Math Section. This semester I will be applying to UCLA, UCSD and USC for Fall 2016. I retook the class due to the fact I thought it was required although my counselor told me that I did not need to take chemistry because I have already completed my science section for my IGETC. If I dropped the class this would result in two W’S. This class is not required for my major. Would this affect my chances into these schools? I have a UC/ Transferable 3.69 GPA. My major is Communications. I am also part of the student government at my CC and work part time.