Hays Scholarship competition 2015

Anyone attending the competition next weekend, March 6-7?

We will be there as long as the weather cooperates. We are driving seven hours from TX to be there. There’s a wintry mix on Wednesday night and we are planning to drive on Thursday. I hope it all works out! My daughter is nervous but excited. Hendrix is her top choice.

We’re coming from New Braunfels, about 9 hrs but leaving Friday morning so will miss the weather, I think. My husband’s driving, so we’ll get there faster than when I drove her up for Admitted students weekend one month ago. Hendrix is in my daughter’s top three…a full scholarship may make all the difference! Have a safe trip and hope to meet you in Conway.

My daughter’s 18th birthday is Friday so I wanted to be there so we could have lunch with family and celebrate. Hope it works out. I think we met you guys last month waiting for them to go to their overnight visit. I told you you won because our drive was 7 hours from Tomball and yours was even longer! Hope to see you again.

Yes, I remember! Hope you both have a lovely celebratory lunch…nice that you have family in the area. It seems your daughter was staying with someone she already knew, a relative? Marilyn didn’t have a great experience on the overnight; student was very nice but seemed to not be involved in many activities. Has complicated her decision. She’s sleeping on campus again this time; hope she has a little more in common with her host. See you Friday and Happy Birthday to your daughter.

My daughter had a different experience. She did not stay with a relative. She was taken to a party in the dorm with drinking. All freshmen. She found the one girl there who wasn’t and bonded with her. I was freaking out in my head but kept calm because we will face this at any college. Hope your daughter has a better host. It’s kind of a roll of the dice. Hope to see you there!