Headington Hall advice?

Looking for first hand or personal experience/advice re: Headington Hall. Toured it and dorm towers to compare. Appears HH is biggest, nicest (luxurious even) and most quiet, especially for student who must study ALOT for hard major. Anyone on here actually live in HH or have child who did? TIA

I’m a current junior who lived in the towers freshman year but I have friends who lived in Headington. Its definitely way nicer than the towers and their cafeteria is legit. The only complaints I’ve heard are you’re a little bit further away than most freshman (and Greek Row if you’re planning on pledging). Also they used to have stricter rules on guests visiting than the towers, but I’m pretty sure it’s changed so they have the same rules now. If you don’t mind the extra cost definitely try to get Headington, they have a study area downstairs that’s way nicer than the library.

Some other options you have are “quiet lifestyles floors” in towers or Boren Hall if you’re an Honors college student. I knew someone on the quiet floor of the towers who regretted it cause by the end of the year he had only even met a couple of kids on his floor, everyone was basically antisocial. The towers in general aren’t super loud. I lived on a coed floor (those are typically the most rowdy) and the only annoying thing was hearing people come back from the bars at 2 on thursdays.