Headphone recommendations?

Does anyone have recommendations for good, aforordable, Bluetooth over the ear headphones?

Preferably ones that aren’t ugly and have a decent battery?

I like skullcandy

Get some good brand name ones on sale. They will last a lot longer than the no-name kind.

Powerbeats3 by Dr. Dre

Look for sales on brand-name products. I have a pair of Sony’s that I really like. I only have to charge them twice a week or so and they’re nice basic black. Also look at Musician’s Friend and other recording equipment sellers because they often have bargains on studio-quality products!

if you have an outlet mall near, go to the electronic stores there. they usually have great deals on older versions and open box items.

I have some JLAB neon bluetooth headphones. I love them. The battery seems to last forever.
Mine are gray and turquoise. Come in various colors.
Lightweight and comfortable. Mostly used for pod casts.
About 30 bucks from WalMart. Hard to go wrong.

Absolutely nothing better than Bose QC35’s. Very pricey though.

I have the Bose noise cancelling headphones that are awesome in an open office or on an airplane, but they’re not wireless. For situations where wireless is better and where I don’t need the noise cancelling, I picked up a pair of JBL headphones. Been very happy with them.

I just couldn’t shell out the money to get Bluetooth Bose after all the money I spent two years ago getting the ones I have…

The Bose QC 25 is wired. The Bose QC 35 is the granddaddy, it’s wireless. It’s $349. Getting it from B&H instead of Amazon will save you on sales tax unless you live in NY.

I second the Bose noise cancelling series two. They’re bluetooth and have an amazing battery life. Only thing is they’re a bit pricey at $350.

Just for the heck of it, my kid and I had to kill a few minutes at Costco yesterday and were trying the Sony and Beats headphones that were both priced around $250. Absolutely no comparison to the Bose QC35’s. It’s worth every penny of the $350.

Nothing beats Bose.