<p>what are the best over the ear headphones to get? i'm looking for something comfortable next year to replace speakers, so as to not annoy my roommate.</p>

<p>i can spend $300 max</p>

<p>Dr.Dre Beats.. Enough said.
Studio</a> Headphones ? Beats by Dr. Dre by Monster
It says $350 on the site but I bet other places (Best Buy, Frys, etc.) sell it for much cheaper. Or look on eBay</p>

<p>hahaha, damn i should've posted a disclaimer stating that i don't want crappy headphones with an expensive tag...</p>

<p>quality headphones, not dr. dre beats.</p>

<p>Lol, iambored10 you just got whooped on. Don't say "enough said" when recommending bad headphones.</p>

<p>@sapatel12 Get Audio Technica M50s, they are great cans. Comfy, and closed so you don't disturb your roommate with leakage. Around $100.</p>

<p>For $100 range I'd suggest studio monitor headphones meant for use in a recording studio but also heavily utilized by dj's including myself. Sony MDR V700dj's will last you forever and fold up nicely into a little carrying bag. </p>

<p>You can probably get them for $50-75 range nowadays:</p>

<p>Sony</a> MDR V700DJ - headphones - Ear-cup, Binaural - Black, metallic gray</p>

<p>These however won't fully cover your ears entirely for noise cancellation from outside but because they fold up you can easily throw them in your backpack or a messenger bag if you want to use them in the library or something.</p>

<p>These are very good: Sony</a> - Extra Bass Over-the-Ear Headphones - MDR-XB500</p>

<p>The only downside is that they're relatively large and look kinda conspicuous in public, but they have great sound quality.</p>

<p>I'm using Sony MDR 7506s...they were rather affordable and do the job just the way I like it.</p>

<p>The Bose QC 15 are really nice, those are the ones that I have. They have amazing noise canceling, someone can be almost screaming in front of me and not hear them.</p>

<p>I'm very happy that I can answer this question for someone! I have been listening to Trance and very beat-specific music for about 10 years ( i'm 18). I recently started to DJ and I did a lot of research on the best headphones to buy. Although my DJ set is actually made by the company Phillips, the headphones I chose to buy headphones from are made by a company branched from Panasonic called "Technics." My pair of technics on sale was about 175 dollars, but the retail value is usually closer to around 225 to 300+. </p>

<p>I highly recommend technics. Not only are the actual headphones very ergonomic and comfortable, but sometimes I will be listening to trance and I can't even feel the headphones on my head. It truly feels like rapture because the headphones are weightless. I hope you didn't buy headphones already, but I highly recommend the underrated brand of Tecnics by Panasonic! Look it up! ( They are noise cancelling too of course!!)</p>

<p>I'd avoid Monster and Bose. Both are definitely overpriced...</p>

<p>How about some Shure SRH840s?
Shure</a> | SRH840 Professional Around-Ear Stereo Headphones</p>

<p>Great cans for the money, IMO. </p>

<p>Although, if you're dropping >$100 on headphones, I really hope you have a high-quality soundcard/dac and lossless music!</p>

<p>Uninformed kid names the latest hot, overhyped and crappy brand and gets told - I like it. For what it's worth, I own a pair of Koss PortaPros, and assuming you're not an audiophile, I think you'd be pleasantly surprised with the sound. They are well-respected, good sounding headphones that you can easily find for $35 and they have a cool retro style, at least in the eyes of some.</p>