Health careers at UROC

<p>My D is really interested in UROC because of the size, reputation. However, she is also interested in eventually pursuing nursing, physical therapy or exercise science. I'm surprised that the school doesn't have more of a tie-in for these types of programs for undergrads given its medical school. Anyone know of any programs that are designed for students interested for pre-health professions?</p>

<p>UR DOES have a school of nursing</p>

<p>University</a> of Rochester School of Nursing</p>

<p>And I understand it, plans are underway to offer a combined 5 year BS/RN program in the near future--perhaps as early as Fall 2012. If your D would be interested in this program, she can contact the admissions director at the SON and ask about its status.</p>

<p>Currently UR's SON does offer both a fast-track RN and a MS in nursing for non-nurses for those with undergrad bio degrees.</p>

<p>There are opportunities for River campus undergrads to gain career exposure to the nursing field at Strong Hospital. </p>

<p>(BTW, the nursing school is only a couple of blocks from the River campus.....on the other side of Strong.)</p>

<p>UR's SOM does not have DPT program so offering a combined program or guaranteed admission is impossible. The nearest DPT program is at the University of Buffalo. (Which does have its own combined admission DPT program and is probably not interested in set up cooperative programs with other schools in other cities.)</p>

<p>But a student interested in PT could probably find opportunities to observe/volunteer with PTs at some of the nearby PT centers in Rochester or at Strong. </p>

<p>(Finding volunteer opportunities is always up to the student to arrange, whether it's pre-med, pre-vet, or pre PT....)</p>

<p>There are UR grads who do go on successfully to a variety of post-college allied medical fields and there is adequate advising for those who want to. Most major in biology or BCS (brain and cognitive science). (In fact, all the PTs I know majored in biology then went on to grad school....)</p>

<p>UR also offer students the option to design their own major:</p>

<p>Frequently</a> Asked Questions : Interdepartmental Programs : University of Rochester</p>