Health Center? Local Doctors, Dentists, etc?

I was wondering what students and parents thought of the Health Center on campus? Any good or bad experiences?
Any recommendations for local practitioners should the need arise? Doctors, dentists, naturopaths?

My son used the Health Center several times over the past 4 years with good reviews. He has a local primary care doctor in Davis, but only visited him once for a annual Physical. Really has had no issues in needing any other Health care professionals these past 4 years. When he came home on break, he would see our family dentist.

If a local Healthcare practitioner is needed, the Health Center can offer referrals.

The Health Center is really good – super cheap! I’ve been there several times and they perform a lot of services. However, if you have a private HMO health plan like I do, they can’t refer you to any outside doctors, and it would be cheaper if I went to a place that used my insurance to do blood tests and things instead of using the Health Center’s services. But a basic appointment to talk to a doctor is like $15, and they have an optometrist there.

I went to Davis Smiles Dentistry a few times, and honestly I felt like they pushed me to do services I didn’t need to get more money out of me. There are other dentists in the area so try those :p. There is also a hospital pretty close to campus – I had to go to the ER to get a sprain x-rayed because nowhere took my vague insurance .__.