health education major: school or community track? and potential schools.

so the dust is starting to settle around the big question of what am i going to do with my life. im choosing to go into health education. im starting at a junior college in the fall so that means my college search isnt over yet. im transferring after a year to a regular four year university. my classes for this semster are intro to anthropology (for my minor in anthro) intro to psychology ( inevitable requirement for almost any health education major) first aid and emergency care. and nutrition and weight control (counts as a science credit at my school). because i was in foster care and other factors, i got the whole enchilada in terms of grants and other free money that i dont have to pay back. for right now i am kinda settled on mnsu or kato for when i transfer. the thing that has me all bent out of shape and the reason why im writing this post is that there are two different majors in health education. one’s community health education and one is school health education. ive looked at other schools i see the same thing. so my question in a nutshell is which track should i choose? school or community? thanks for your time and consideration.