Health form for Orientation?

<p>My orientation is in 2 days and I haven't sent back the health form yet, is this going to be a big issue?</p>

<p>I already had my previous school mail my immunization history to Stony Brook then the Health Services hold was removed from Solar.</p>

<p>I couldn't have the health form filled out, because part 3 is required to be filled out by a doctor/physician. I don't even have health insurance so I left it alone.</p>

<p>If it places a hold on your account then yes(I don't remember, it should say in SOLAR what it is specifically). Holds prevent you from registering from classes regardless if you need to signup at orientation.
But if it's a todo, then don't worry.</p>

<p>Get it done asap otherwise bad things happen, insurance isn't required, the school will end up forcing you to buy/pay for the Aetna Student health plan they have(insurance is required for all undergrads, so it's either theirs or your own). Contact the student health service @ the phone number on the form if you have questions about part 3.</p>

<p>It's not a big deal at all. I didn't send mine back in time, and when I got there to check in, I was sent to a line of students who also didn't send the form back (HUGE LINE!). We were handed the form and told to make an appointment at the Student Health Center or have your own doctor fill it out ASAP.</p>