Health history form

<p>I'm enrolled for the Cornell Class of 2014. It says that the health history form is due on the 14th of June. But I don't think that I can meet that deadline. </p>

<li>What are the consequences of missing the original deadline?</li>
<li>Are there later deadlines? (if so, when?)</li>
<li>Would missing the original deadline have permanent implications on my enrollment at Cornell?</li>

<p>Thanks alot!</p>

<p>It looks like they just make you pay a late fee, which I don't even think will happen as long as it's not absurdly late.</p>

<p>Okay, just finished my form. The postmark deadline is Monday, but that's so they have enough time to review it and get it back to you so you can fix any issues they have. It looks like the only penalty is $100 is you aren't in full compliance with the requirements (just a few immunizations) by August 13. Obviously if they don't have the form, they can't check for compliance.</p>

<p>Ugh I've already missed the deadline and I don't think I can submit the form until a few weeks from now. Should I be worried?</p>