Health Informatics and Information Management (B.S.)

Hi, I’ve recently applied to UCF and was admitted as a Fall 2021 student. I was wondering if anyone can tell me about UCF’s Health Informatics and Information Management program. What do you like about this program? Do you think you’ll make a decent wage after graduation with it? Is it worth doing or should I look into something else? What is the risk of going into this program?

Thank you :slight_smile:

First of all, welcome to College Confidential, and Congratulations on acceptance to UCF!

I don’t know anything about this degree specifically, but here’s a link to the webpage on Health Informatics & Information Management, BS Degree | UCF

I would think you could call an advisor for that program, or just their office, and find someone to talk to in detail. UCF is a big school, but most of their offices are very helpful.

From a macroeconomics viewpoint, it seems like this should be a very good field for the future. All IT is expanding rapidly, and especially medical IT. BIG companies like Microsoft and Samsung have entire divisions dedicated exclusively to medical data, so it should be a good career path.

Good luck!

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