Health insurance help

<p>We are low income and my 18 yr old son has OH medicaid thru Amerigroup. He is going to college in IL and Amerigroup doesn't work OOS. His college doesn't offer a health insurance policy, so I have to find one. He has no health problems but if an emergency happened he would be stuck. I can only find short term policies on the internet and I can't tell if they are legitimate. Is a short term policy the best I can do? Anyone have suggestions for coverage in IL?</p>

<p>Look up major carriers in IL, Blue Cross is probably one of them. They will have individual plans and generally they are not very expensive.</p>

<p>[Blue</a> Cross Blue Shield of Illinois - Health Insurance Illinois - BCBSIL](<a href=“Illinois Health Insurance | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois”>Illinois Health Insurance | Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois)</p>

<p>Put in his information, I did some quotes for an 18 year old male living in Chicago and got some nice plans for about $120/month. There were less expensive options too. The plans I looked at had $3000 out of pocket max with free preventative care.</p>