Health Insurance while on leave from college

<p>A friend's 21 year old took a leave from school over a year ago. Can he still be covered by his parent's corporate health insurance?</p>

<p>Is he still technically a student at that college? Like, is it a leave where the school anticipates him coming back, and he pays a little bit to technically remain there, or did he drop out with plans to go again?</p>

<p>Depends. Tell them to read the policy. Some states dependent children, college or not can be covered up until age 25. It will depend on the contract language and definitions listed. Most plans will cover students while enrolled, including summer break. However, someone on leave would probably not be consider a student status wise.</p>

<p>Your friend could look into an individual health insurance application as well. </p>

<p>The best advice to tell them is to look at their policy and call the carrier now, rather than have a claim and find out later $$$$$ how expensive not having health insurance can be.</p>

<p>Look into COBRA.</p>

<p>Cobra doesn't apply to this situation.</p>

<p>Are you sure?</p>

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<p>Anything that causes you to lose your "dependent child" status will allow you to be eligible for COBRA. That is either turning 25 while in school or not being in school. I've never seen a "graduation" requirement or the like.</p>

<p>Ya got me. I hadn't noticed that before. So it is a possibility if her parents employer employs more than 20 people on any given workday. I saved that page to my favorites.</p>