health it vs health administration?

So, I’m finally deciding between health it and health admin for grad school…which field is more in depand? Which field pays more?

bump please…

I don’t know the answer to this for sure; my guess would be that there would be more overall jobs but also more competition in health administration, and fewer overall jobs and less competition in health information technology. That’s simply because people from a variety of backgrounds can enter health administration easily, but IT jobs can require specific training and skills.

A peek at some salary surveys show that health IT professionals average about $109K a year, and you can make far more if you climb to the IT leadership in your hospital or hospital system. However, it varies a lot based on what you do - people with more technical skills are going to inhabit those higher paying jobs, but clinical systems analysts make around $64K on average, and technicians about $34K.

Healthcare administration can have a similarly large salary range; it really depends on what you do there. At the entry-level, you could make $40-60K to start off depending on the city/location, the size and financial strength of the hospital/system/clinic you work for, and whether its for-profit or nonprofit. But higher administrators can hit six figures, and you could make quite a lot if you ascend to hospital or system leadership.

It also probably depends on where you go, at least healthcare administration. That’s a field that cares about prestige - and it’s also a job where you can face competition from regular degular MBAs from elite programs.