Health textbooks in Texas

<p>Texas just approved textbooks which seen to have no information about protecting yourself from pregnancy or sexually transmited diseases other than not to have intercourse!
I know that many parents don't teach their kids about sex, if they don't learn it in school they are going to get it on the street.</p>

<p>I do not feel that preaching abstinence should take the place of accurate health care information including information about contraceptives for high school students.
If "just saying no" was enough , why does Texas lead the nation in percentage of teenage births?
The sex drive is very strong, particularly in teens who are still very impulsive, I don't have a problem with advising them to wait until they are ready for an emotional commitment, but face it, if knowing it is "wrong" to follow our urges is enough to get people to abstain, why does this country have an unprecented obesity epidemic that is threatening the health and wellbeing of an entire nation?( & I am referring to adults, not teens who seem to have lost the "stop and think" gene sometimes)
How much does knowing that if they eat too much and don't exercise they are going to get fat helped those folks?</p>

<p>THis is very worrisome particulary as Texas is the largest purchaser of textbooks, my daughters school uses original source material for many things, and we are planning on having her take health online through BYU so to use a period for something more academic, but I am concerned about the new generation of teenage parents who now will have to put their future education on the backburner to take care of their children.
Not the way I would like to see this country move forward</p>

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