Healthcare Waiver

<p>My healthcare (Healthy Families, CA) only lasts until my 18th birthday in February. Should I fil out the waiver anyways? I'm worried UCSC will charge me for their ridiculously expensive healthcare if I don't keep an "equivalent" healthcare plan for the ENTIRE year.</p>

<p>I’m pretty sure having some type of healthcare is mandatory.</p>

<p>Did you look into CruzCare? [UC</a> Santa Cruz Student Health Center](<a href=“]UC”>
It’s $75 per quarter and covers illnesses and injuries.</p>

<p>So I only have to pay 75$ to avoid paying the expensive one? o:</p>

<p>"If you choose to waive USHIP coverage consider purchasing CruzCare, an inexpensive pre-paid access plan for busy students seeking on-campus health care. For $75 a quarter (billed automatically to the student’s account) CruzCare provides unlimited Student Health Center visits for care of illness or injury, including in-house Health Center lab and X-ray. For students waiving USHIP, CruzCare is the best and most cost effective way to take advantage of the on-campus convenience and college health expertise available at the UCSC Student Health Center. "</p>

<p>Thank you, Frosty! (:</p>

<p>Also, you have to submit a wavier every quarter, so doing it now is only good for Fall quarter. Don’t forget!</p>

<p>Never mind, I’m still lost. The $75 Cruzcare is optional! You still have to waive USHIP.</p>

<p>But that’s my problem–my healthcare only covers me until I turn 19, then I’ll be healthcare-less. I read on the waiver form that if you begin UCSC’s USHIP later on in the year, you still have to pay the full value… is this true?</p>

<p>I was charged per quarter for my USHIP so I don’t see why they would charge you retroactively.</p>

<p>I’d say look into medicaid or something else if you’re low income. Also, USHIP isn’t really expensive if you don’t have outside health insurance.</p>

<p>Doesn’t the new healthcare bill go into effect soon that will allow you to be covered until you’re 26? Unless your parents have one of those very few plans that is exempt, you should be in the clear.</p>

<p>From what I recall, CruzCare cannot be used as a substitute for USHIP. It is merely to allow students to have a prepaid option for on campus visits since many health insurance providers do not fully (if at all) cover a student on campus. Kaiser is one of the biggest culprits and, unfortunately, the nearest facility is in Santa Clara County.</p>

<p>Perhaps I’m biased since I paid out of pocket for private health insurance, but USHIP is incredibly cheap. My individual plan was nearly $200 per month with Kaiser and was about to get another increase shortly after I transferred if I had not dropped it. Note that I am a decently healthy individual and I was still required to pay such a high amount. With USHIP, I pay a little more for my prescriptions and now have to pay for a regular shot I receive, but I’m no longer paying a co-pay for visits and I have better coverage overall.</p>

<p>Anywho, yes, USHIP is charged per quarter and you must submit a waiver every quarter. You can waive it for fall quarter and allow it to take effect for winter quarter if this is what you need. You should never be without health insurance if you can help it. There is a reason that health insurance is required by the UCs. You should contact the insurance office to be sure what the exact policy is, though, regarding changing your insurance midyear.</p>

<p>Kender is correct. I am not sure when the new Obama legislation goes into effect, but you do need to carry health insurance at all times. So, I would contact your insurance company and ask. </p>

<p>I was on the UCSC Undergraduate Health Insurance Committee for two years and after having made decisions on coverage options, the health insurance plan being offered is extremely comprehensive for the price. Outside insurance generally costs much more than the UCSC plan.</p>

<p>I’m pretty sure Obama’s legislation doesn’t apply to SCHIP (Healthy Families). I think OP should just get USHIP.</p>

<p>Speaking of insurance, I have stupid Kaiser and I still want to waive the insurance and just pay for cruzcare. There’s no Kaiser within 30 miles of UCSC. Does anyone know if Kaiser will cover emergency services at another hospital, or if it’s still plausible to waive USHIP with Kaiser?</p>

<p>Yeah,… the reason we have Healthy Families is because of our income. I wouldn’t have insurance after I turn 19. I think I’ll contact Healthy Families and UCSC and wee how far coverage goes. Or I’ll do as Kender advices, and stick with USHIP! Thanks everyone!</p>

<p>@Savethemantees: You should be able to waive the Kaiser insurance without any problems. I have done it for the last three years and I don’t recall ever discussing in the meetings that we would not allow Kaiser customers to waive USHIP.</p>

<p>My waiver got denied because of this question…</p>

<li>What is your plan’s maximum lifetime benefit?: $1 - $399,999</li>

<p>Which, my dad didn’t even know what he was putting down… so if I were to appeal, what would I say?</p>