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In 2018 we rented a houseboat with 2 other couples and spend a week exploring Canal Du Midi. One of the unexpected delights was rediscovery of butter, at its best in France on french bread. My husband will still nostalgically say, “remember that butter, with the little salt granules in it?”.

I don’t slather the butter like we did growing up, but it is nice to savor some now and then.


It won’t match the bread/butter in France but I sometimes sprinkle sea salt on my buttered items - only takes a tad to get that salty bite!

Tried a Tik Tok snack idea tonight. Needs some tweaks but you take an unsweetened rice cake, spread some peanuts butter on it, not too thick, melt some dark chocolate, drizzle the glaze over the PB and freeze. (I put them on parchment on a sheet pan until frozen)

You have the sweetness (but not to sweet) of the dark chocolate, the savory salty PB and the crunchy rice cake - all in one bite! I recommend small thinner rice cakes - a regular sized one needs to be cut in half - for me a full one was more than I wanted!

I think that was a treat but a generally healthy treat - and the only way I’ll eat rice cakes!

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That frozen rice cake snack sounds tasty. I definitely like snacks that are sweet and a little salty, with crunch.

I went swimming for 30 minutes today, I want to make sure I do at least some form of exercise in the morning. Then I went home cooked up a storm. Maybe I get to garden in the afternoon. Yesterday I dumped a heavy bin of compost, this has been a regular event, a form of exercise, I dump my compost bin out every 2-3 weeks.

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I’m quite happy that our small local bulk food store survived the pandemic. (In addition to lots of foods, they have other items too. Recently I purchased laundry detergent sheets, less packaging etc - more a topic for Waste Diversion thread).

When I went to get some chia seeds from the large spice/etc area, I was disappointed to see they were out of black chia seeds. I opted to get white chia seeds instead, for some reason thinking maybe not as nutritiously advantageous. Today I researched a bit and found they a mostly the same, except white a bit pricier.

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I made these overnight loaded oats yesterday for breakfasts this week. Took 5 minutes to put together and I put right into jars so I could just grab one in the morning to take to work.

Super delicious. Crunchy. Just a little sweet, but not too sweet. I didn’t have chia seeds so used flax seed. I added some dried cherries and a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut. I also did not have an alternative milk so just used 1% and a drop of vanilla. Apple stayed crunchy and did not brown.

The recipe make 3 jars for me and I think it’s a right-sized serving size. In the morning I add a little more milk and a drizzle of honey.

I’ll def make again.