Hear Anything?

<p>When do you expect to hear from Muhlenberg?</p>

<p>From what I gathered from some of the posts from last year, it seems around March 20 to April 1. Can't wait!!!</p>

<p>thx lynn and good luck. is muhlenberg amoung your first choice of colleges? it is a slight reach for my d and we're hoping...</p>

<p>j2b2, i'm still waiting on a few other schools but muhlenberg is one of the top choices! I was so glad I got accepted!!! Did your daughter find out yet?</p>

<p>yes indeed, my d was accepted and we are very, very happy and proud! she got the letter on saturday and has arranged an overnight visit. the final decision will be hers, and although she would be a third generation legacy at another very good school, i honestly hopes she picks muhlenberg. the campus is lovely. the red doors represent 'welcome' and the friendly atmosphere envelops the college...if she gets merit that would be great but if not we'll pay the freight--that's how much we like the school.</p>

<p>i got my acceptance letter last week. now i only have to wait for the financial aid and other scholarships.</p>

<p>what kind of stats did you guys have? Muhlenberg was apparently a backup to match for me and I found out I was waitlisted today...not to be obnoxious, but I'm basically positive I'm going to McGill university, but my parents are making me wait for my other regular decisions and i really dont want to feel that i wasnt good enough for the other places.</p>

<p>i had a 3.3 and a 30 ACT, tons of activities, etc.
i mean, i didnt have extreme demonstrated interest, but i went on a tour and all. i just dont get it because i think my GPA is within the middle of their range, and my ACT is above the 75th percentile....</p>

<p>i was waitlisted too!! not all of my "numbers" were great but i had a 730 on my SAT critical reading ( 80 points above their reading range), lots of AP courses, and what I think to be really good personal stuff (activites, essay, ect). </p>

<p>I too didn't show a huge amount of interest, but I did do a tour during the summer. I think Muhlenberg is really big on "demonstrated interest." </p>

<p>ohhh well. i got into Dickinson and Ursinus which are two of my favorites so I'm not too upset. </p>

<p>good luck with the rest of this process!!</p>

<p>im kinda thinking my essay is bringing me down...my college advisor said it was money but it was about a really tense and upsetting event in my life, but also how i grew from it...i thought it was well written, but maybe it was overdone?</p>

<p>haha judging from the fact that i was rejected ED from NYU, deferred ED2 at Lafayette...waitlisted at Lehigh and Muhlenberg so far. BUT of course at McGill, which doesnt have an essay, even though it was a reach for me right up with NYU, I get in. ironic, no?</p>

<p>^good luck too...dickinson and ursinus are awesome schools, my fh coach went to ursinus and never shuts up about how great it is. haha.</p>

<p>peanutbutter3, it might also be your GPA. I have a 3.4 and was flat-out told that my GPA was low for the school. (though your ACT should have helped- I have the same ACT score and a comparable SAT score and was told that would help me a lot). did you do an interview? they "highly recommend" interviewing.</p>

<p>My d loved Muhlenberg -if she hadn't been accepted at her ED school, Muhlenberg would definitely have been one of her top choices. If, that is, she got in. She sincerely showed interest - visited twice (once for a tour, once to interview) and was scheduled to visit a third time for a dance audition. Muhlenberg was also one of the two schools to receive my d's National Merit notification of interest. She reasoned that it might be important to a school that values interest so highly that she liked it enough to designate it so (and several of the other schools on her list would not have cared).</p>

<p>Of the 551 freshmen who enrolled last fall, 282 were admitted early decision - more than half. That gives Muhlenberg lots of opportunity to pick and choose the rest of their class from the many applicants who apply regular decision. They have great facilities and offer merit aid - I imagine they know that some top-flight students have identified them as a safety, and that they'd prefer to offer admission to students who seem likely to consider going.</p>

<p>Even when one aspect of an applicant exceeds the 75th percentile for a school, it doesn't necessarily make that school a backup. I'd suggest to future Muhlenberg applicants that they try to schedule an interview for the same day they tour, to cover the "demonstrated interest" base.</p>

<p>i got waitlisted as well with a 3.65 gpa and a 2100 (1390) on my sats, maybe i didnt show enough interest? idk im not distraught because muhlenberg was not my first choice but i am concered because its harder to get in at my first choice by a mile(lafayette).
i did sepak with the dean of admissions for a good amount of time while he was at my school, but i guess that didnt really do anything.</p>

<p>yeah im hoping its because of lack of demonstrated interest...it's weird though, im basing my judgement of muhlenberg as a backup on 1. my college counselor, who is very peticular when telling me my chances--hell always tell me i have less of a shot than i usually do. but idk, he said this would be a backup. 2. collegeboard...there it says that 25% percent (largest percentage, too) has a GPA of 3.24-3.4something 3. yes, my GPA is low...i had pretty bad depression 9th and 10th grade years, which still sunk my hard work from junior and senior years. its a HUGE upward trend though..3.0-3.1 9th and 10th to about a 3.7-3.8 11th and 3.6 12th. i figured that would look really good and earn me an acceptence. i know at many schools its likely ill get turned down in favor of applicants with maybe not as strong scores but higher gpas...i didnt expect it to happen here, though.</p>

<p>i probably shouldnt have applied...i liked it enough when i went on the tour, but after i saw other places where i had a higher level of interest, there was no way i was expending the effort for an interview, so i guess it makes sense. plus like at least 2 people applied early and were accepted...one of them im positive had a better gpa and the same act as me AND demostrated interest since it was her first choice...im sure my qualities seemed dim in comparison.</p>

<p>it makes sense i guess. anyway, im almost over it, just as long as its not indicative of what is to come with lafayette (john butler, im in the same boat--lafayette was my first choice until i got into mcgill, i was deferred ED2 though so i really dont expect to get in), syracuse, colgate & more. my declination of the waitlist offers from muhlenberg and lehigh go out tomorrow..i guess its better if someone who truly wanted to go there but was on the fence stat-wise got in over me.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say it's all about demonstrated interest. I got in with only a tour and info session!</p>