Heavy Course Load?

<p>I've been warned that this seems intense, so additional feedback would be relaxing.</p>

AP Statistics
AP English Lit
IB Pre-Calculus
IB Biology II
IB Spanish IV
IB Visual Arts</p>

<p>The only voluntary course is AP Statistics; others are mandatory for IB1, or junior year IB. I could substitute it with AP Marco, but I'm not sure if the school would allow a junior to take an econ class, despite it being an AP. Reason for taking additional AP course is to seem more appealing to colleges (I lucked out of an AP class last year while everyone else took AP Psych).</p>

<p>Doesnt look as bad as others Ive seen on here.</p>

<p>You don't need to seem more appealing to colleges. That's a solid wall of academia right there.</p>