Heavy memorization tests (specifically US History)

<p>So, I'm going to be a Senior in the upcoming school year. While my SAT score was very good, I still need 2 VERY high SAT II's...I'll be taking Math II and US History. I already took US History last June but did pretty poorly...I'm not very good at memorizing and I also did not prepare well enough in advance.</p>

<p>I know everybody is different but do you guys have any tips on memorizing and learning vast amounts of information? I know I should start reviewing now (I'll be using the AMSCO book) but I'm scared I'll forget it all....</p>

<p>Use Direct Hits U.S. Don't use AMSCO that's more for people in ap class. With the time left it would be feasible to use a less condensed book in your studies.</p>