Hedrick Summit Single

<p>I got offered this.</p>

<p>I am wondering what the building is like, is it social and other aspects.</p>

<p>Anybody want to share about their lives in a single room as well.</p>

<p>I had a double in deneve last year by the way and i am going to be a senior this fall.</p>

<p>i wish i got that but i dont think i applied for it at all</p>

<p>i wanted to get this building last year, but deneve was pretty cool. Met a lot of nice people. I am just so happy i got an offer.</p>

<p>all I know is I got the same thing, and when I checked it out it looked pretty quiet</p>

<p>Plazas tend to be pretty quiet, according to the housing thread. I would think singles are especially because they're double doored by the common area.</p>

<p>Yeah it is pretty quiet as far as socializing goes. It's just annoying when people make a scene in the court area / turnaround.</p>

<p>Why do you want HS? It's sooooooo far.</p>

<p>The facilities are pretty nice given the fact that people tend to abuse it so much. I mean, RT looks like it's been in existence for at least 5 years or something instead of just 1. The laundry room is huge compared to others. It's too bad that the elevator frequently required service towards the end of last year (and they didn't even bother fixing it within the usual 1 day timeframe and dragged it out for almost a week). Basically it is like a hotel with a plain decor. Still, I think it's pretty nice and probably on par with the other 2 new buildings, which are better than the other plazas (perhaps except Canyon Point) and halls.</p>

<p>Oh, other annoyances. The main building doors frequently don't work. And HS is notorious for middle of the night false fire alarms.</p>

<p>i know it is far but i have gotten used to walking long distances here at UCLA.</p>

<p>The thing with the Summit single, you're still sharing the suite with 10 other people, 5 in your hall, so you'll see pleanty of people.</p>