Heeeyyy chance me pleasee?

<p>I am a high school senior pursuing engineering, with an interest in renewable energy.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA, all classes: 4.37
Unweighted GPA: 4.0</p>

<p>One sitting SAT: 2300 (740,760,800)
Superscore SAT: 2360 (800, 760, 800)</p>

<p>Subject tests: Math2C 800, Physics 790, World History 770, Literature 760</p>

<p>APs Taken: World History, Calc AB, Calc BC, Computer Science A, Physics B, US History, English Language, Environmental Science (5s on all of them)</p>

<p>Senior Year APs: Physics C, Biology, Govt/MacroEconomics, English Lit, Calculus 3/Linear Algebra (not an AP, but a college class offered at my school)</p>


<p>Ecology Club (4 years, president for last year and upcoming year, very active club, runs recycling programs, has won several awards for xeriscape gardens at local fairs)</p>

<p>Dance (9 years, avg 10 hours a week, ballet, jazz, modern, been in multiple shows, studio dance company etc)</p>

<p>Girl Scout (12 years, many many community service and leadership projects 300+ hours, earned silver award, working on Gold Award, for which I planted an ecofriendly garden at an elementary school and taught kids about native plants)</p>

<p>COSMOS Math and Science Summer Program (summer before junior year, studies organic chemistry and logic with UCSC professors, completed brief research project)</p>

<p>Marine Technology Society/Scripps Institution of Oceanography Summer Internship (worked as data processing intern in Whale Acoustics Research lab 40 hr/wk for 6 weeks, learned MATLAB, SQL and Python, explored engineering and technology in research, completed several projects)</p>

<p>Science Magazine (12th grade, Lead Content Editor)</p>

<p>CCW Teachers Aide (worked as teachers aide for four summers 7-10 grade, taught K-6 various arts)</p>

<p>Ballet Student Teacher (10 grade volunteer, taught ballet to 4-7 year olds)</p>

<p>Awards: National AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction, Rachel Carson Book Award (for environmental efforts), Gold and Silver Awards for Girl Scouts, National Merit Commended Scholar (My PSAT is 220, but I live in CA...so sad..)</p>

<p>I'm expecting good recs, and I'm a decent writer. I'm extremely passionate about everything I do, which is why I dont have a lot of extracurriculars.
I'm planning on submitting the arts supplement for dance.
I am a white female and I go to a competitive public school.</p>

<p>what are my chances for Pratt please? My dad graduated from Duke, so I guess I'm a legacy.</p>

<p>VERY STRONG CANDIDATE. But once again, Duke is a top tier school and those tend to be a crap shoot, really depends on how well the adcoms think you'll fit into the school. However, since you are a legacy, if you applied ED I'd say you're pretty much in (80-90%)!! But if it's regular, still a very strong applicant so 50-50. Good luck!</p>

<p>I'm doing RD. Thanks for the input! Does legacy really mean that much? My dad doesn't give money or anything.</p>

<p>Very likely acceptance. I think your chances would be good at other highly ranked, selective schools as well. You should get "some" bump for also being a female Engineering major.</p>