I love reading the threads on here, but never have felt the urge to join and contribute until now. I'm sure this answer is somewhere in the forum, so please forgive me for that, but I'm on a time restraint and a little desperate.</p>

<p>I'm auditioning at Tisch for the MT program on Sunday the 7th. However, I'm flying all the way from the Oregon Coast for the audition, so I won't be able to just zip home and grab things I've forgotten, which adds stress to the process. I've chosen to wear a leotard and tights with a small knit overdress for the dance audition and a simple dark blue dress (3/4 sleeves, form fitting, about mid thigh) over my pink tights for the vocal/interview/monologues, etc.</p>

<p>My one question: should I wear heels? And how high?
I'm pretty good in heels. And I'm very small (5'2" WITH my string pulled way up :] and 115 lbs.) but I would really not like to audition barefoot if they asked me to remove my heels. I don't really like the look of character shoes. And I don't want to look like a child.</p>

<p>Should I go with short boots? Heels? Black flats?

<p>Again, I apologize if this has been addressed, but I'm mildly freaking out.</p>

<p>Hi, Avery.</p>

<p>I’m sure people with more expertise/experience than me can weigh in, and especially those who know more about Tisch…but I’ll give you my 2 cents – if you like heels, can walk in them well and pull them off…why not? One important thing, though – check the school’s website to see if they have a preference (some do!) and maybe read the school-specific threads here to see what you see. My daughter is 5’7"…and she (with her voice teacher’s blessing) is wearing her 3 inch heels as a part of her audition outfit. Some advice from her – PRACTICE in your heels (your singing, monologue, walking into and out of a room, etc). She also found a pair of inexpensive, foldable flats at the drugstore (I think they’re aimed for tired people after clubbing too much!) that she throws in her audition bag, in case heels aren’t right that day (or there’s tons of walking.)</p>

<p>We understand your freakout…but it will be fine. Shoes don’t take up that much room in a carryon – maybe a couple options (your heels and a pair of flats?). Do you have time to check w/your voice teacher or another person whose opinion you respect? But take a deep breath, check (and re-check) your packing list and go have fun at your audition!</p>

<p>at my NYU MT audition, they told us they did NOT CARE AT ALL about what we looked like, we should wear whatever we worked best in. For me this actually was heels since I’m also pretty short and like the extra height haah but honestly a lot of people just stayed in their dance clothes- whatever you want!</p>

<p>My daughter wore pretty high heels(3"?) for all of her vocal auditions. She is not short but loves heels and feels more comfortable in them. Your outfits sound perfect. You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in.</p>

<p>Yes, heels are very flattering, just make sure that you can move comfortably (and gracefully) in them. A student of mine really overdid it with 4" heels and was asked to remove them at at audition.</p>

<p>Just test the noise factor-I assume the walk in/out will seem even longer if you’re clacking your way out! Otherwise, go for it!</p>

<p>Your outfit sounds terrific! And if you do forget something, NYC has some amazing shopping. :slight_smile: If you have nothing to do, you can do a search on heels and see pages of old discussion but I think everybody above wrapped it up very nicely. Tell us how your audition goes! Best wishes.</p>

<p>At my Son’s NYU audition last winter he ended up wearing his dance clothes to his singing audition. They danced first then did their singing and monologues. They encouraged the kids to just stay in their dance clothes. They really did not care about what you where wearing. He thought NYU was his best, most relaxed audition of all of them. He ended up being waitlisted then, accepted very last minute - after he fell in love with another school!! So, I really would not stress about what to wear.</p>

<p>Well, at audition number one last week, most of the girls I saw wore cute ballerina flats with their dresses. My D wore heels. I didn’t notice anyone with bare legs. Most were in tights. I thought they were all adorable.</p>

<p>Tan tights, like left on from the dance audition? Or cute ones?</p>

<p>The tights I remember were color-coordinated with the shoes and dresses- they didn’t scream dance tights to me. But I’m sure there were some of those, too. I think the point is that you can wear what you love and feel confident in, and what you can change quickly in and out of as well. Last week and this coming week both auditions scheduled dancing right before singing, which I can see helps speed the process, but means the kids are putting their sweaty bodies into their nice audition clothes. So consider that as well when making your choices. Actually at the next audition, it’s monologue, then dancing, then singing. In and out of clothes all day. But that’s what they do in shows, isn’t it? :slight_smile: Just have to plan for it like a quick change.</p>

<p>All these ballerina flats girls were here below the Mason-Dixon. I can imagine a different look at NYU…it’s a different culture.</p>

<p>I would agree with classical- we saw more heels at the LA Unifieds. I do think it depends on where you audition, but overall, I think you need to audition in clothing and shoes that you are extremely comfortable and confident in. It would be a mistake for someone who does not ever wear heels to audition in a 3" heel; an accident waiting to happen. My daughter loves heels and feels better in them.</p>

<p>Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you will have to walk from building to building during your audition day. If so, bring some comfortable shoes besides your heels and dance shoes. We saw several girls on a recent audition day tottering on their high heels while walking around campus - and they did not look very comfortable…!</p>

<p>Heels or no it’s important to remember that MT is VERY lookist! Most women physically look best in some sort of heel, you know the long lean thing. In most professional MT performances the women are in character shoes…dancing, singing and acting in heels! I don’t know how they do it! Something to consider during auditions, most auditioners are used to seeing the women in heels. I am not saying that wearing flats will automatically cut you out, but heels are traditional and expected in most MT auditions.</p>

<p>My kid (who has been through this process) is from a rural area in the mountains and rarely wore heels growing up except to dress up, and would typically have to wear boots in winter here. But for college auditions, she did wear heels (her dress shoes) and I think even if you are not from a trendy urban area (she surely wasn’t), that heels are the norm in a MT audition pretty much and would be my preference. She wore them in every audition (but packed them and wore boots around campus), except she took them off at the NYU audition when they encouraged auditionees to even be barefoot and so she just removed them (that was not planned in advance).</p>

<p>MT Momma- That was my girl tottering across the fields and down the road and over the bridge in her high heels. Because I could park right next to the theatre, we didn’t anticipate a hike between buildings, which was particularly interesting because the sidewalks had just been visited by some adorable but messy geese. So the D had to tip toe through a goosey mine field in her lovely heels! :slight_smile: This week she has sensible walking shoes in her audition bag.<br>
This weekend’s audition calls for morning meetings and acting class observations before the auditions get going in the afternoon. Would anyone object to D wearing nice slacks for the morning part and then changing into The Dress after lunch? It looks like there is a 1.5 hour lunch break where that could happen.</p>

<p>Sounds like you are headed to Elon this weekend? That’s where we were two weeks ago when we saw those tottering girls - so it wasn’t yours! But that audition does involve walking to the acting class which is several blocks away - so bring some comfortable shoes. And yes, my d wore “dressy casual” clothes to the morning meeting and class observation - and then changed into her audition outfit after lunch. It is a long day and wearing your audition dress all day is probably not the best idea. PM me if you have any questions about the audition day there. And have fun!</p>

<p>Thanks! I was kind of joking that it was my girl - I had a feeling she wasn’t alone in the high heels across campus hike! :slight_smile: Thanks for the clothes changing tip. I’m glad to get that reassurance as she packs up today.</p>

<p>Funny you all should bring up the tights. My daughter was told at a recent audition to basically tone it down a bit. I think you need to keep in mind the atmosphere of the specific college you are auditioning at.</p>