Height vs. Weight

<p>I was just looking over the appointee booklet and noticed the maximum height versus weight table. I am within two or three pounds of the maximum weight (~185) for my height (5’9"). I am not out of shape (maxed pushups, situps, bball, etc on CFA) I am just a heavy lifter (squat like 450lbs) so I fall close to the limit. How stringent is the academy about being within the weight limits, even if you are in good shape?</p>

<p>They will analyze your body fat percentage and if you're too fat, you will need to lose weight (not you specifically, just in general :)). You'll have to meet with a nutritionist, probably get put on recondo, and have a spefic plan to lose weight. If you're just really muscular, then you will get a waiver or permission to exceed the weight limit. Not really that big of a deal.</p>

<p>I'm sure you'll lose that weight during BCT. On the other hand, it might hurt you with all that running. Are you in running shape or powerlifting shape?</p>

<p>Our son had the exact opposite issue,(5'9 and 140) if they think it is an issue, you would already have a Dodmerb waiver showing up on your online app. Redhead is right they measure your body fat level to see if it is fat or muscle. </p>

<p>BTW they will do this for the rest of your AF life at your yearly physical...weight and height, if it doesn't fall in the parameters than they will bring out the tape measurer.</p>

<p>I don't think you have any worries, because DODMERB would have addressed this already when you had your physical</p>

<p>Recondo is for people with PEAs under 2.0, not people who are over weight limits.</p>

<p>There are lunch tables that have different food for people who are at/over their weight standards. The nutritionist will help anyone with that problem. </p>

<p>I too have the opposite problem...6'1" and 143lbs.</p>

<p>Raimius, you should have been in the AF under McPeak (he changed the flight suits to having the seam down the front...I personally hated him for that, can't tell you how many hours I spent with a seam ripper).</p>

<p>McPeak had the same frame, thus the bags didn't fit him well. As chief of AF, he changed all the flight suits...as soon as this was announced flyers ran to get new ones until they were out of stock. There is a reg on how often you can trade in every yr. Bullet even took a short, because that was the only size left. When he realized that didn't work we were stuck with McPeak style (i.e why I hated McPeak) After he left it was brought back to the old style. Let me guess you would be a 40 L and the velcro at the waist is used entirely?</p>

<p>McPeak changed all of the uniforms, but as soon as he was gone, so were they! </p>

<p>BTW I thought DS was too thin, hate him he can eat like he has a hollow leg, and it looks like I don't feed him anything!</p>



<p>If your weight is close to the maximum for your height, another form will have to be submitted, it will show up on your application status web page as Form 0-220 BODY FAT DETERMINATION. It must be printed, filled out, and returned (it cannot be done on-line). If you are a male, you will need to measure your neck and your waist 3 times and submit those numbers on the form. They have a very complicated algorithm that then determines your body fact percentage, and it must be under 20% for academy admission.</p>

<p>(As a general rule, you can subtract your neck measurement from your waist measurement and if it is below 20 you will probably be OK).</p>



<p>Nope, DODMERB doesn't have this form, it is an Air Force form, as each service has different Body Fat requirements.</p>


Nope, DODMERB doesn't have this form, it is an Air Force form, as each service has different Body Fat requirements.


<p>My bad(DS only applied to AFA), but since this is AF he is talking about, wouldn't it still hold true, that it would show up on his online? It showed up on DS under Dodmerb supplemental, thus it was not something he needed a waiver for, it was just stating that he was okay</p>

<p>Sorry for taking this off course, but it may help others</p>

<p>The requirement to submit the form shows up online at the USAFA candidate log-in site (one of those "check marks") if the candidate's weight is close to the limit for their height.</p>

<p>The form is also returned directly to USAFA Admissions, not DODMERB.</p>

<p>PS - I mis-identified the form as 0-220 (zero two twenty) when it is actually O-220 (oh-two twenty).</p>


<p>Actually, there was a guy I went through basic with who had to go on Recondo for being too big. He has above a 2.0 and passed his PFT too... I don't know if that's some special case though.</p>

<p>I don't want to brag, but I am pretty muscular not really fat. I am now in decent aerobic shape but will hopefully cut some size before I-day. Also, my weight was 165 for dodmerb but now I'm like 175. Do I need to report the difference to them?</p>

<p>Also, is there a powerlifting club at USAFA (not just weight lifting but directed at heavy lifting on squat, bench, and deadlift)? I ask because I know Navy has a club that is well-structured but I can't find one for Air Force. Thanks.</p>

<p>Does the nutritionsit help the kids that could use a few pounds? Son is 6'4" 155 lbs. Eats well, but won't stop growing taller!</p>

<p>Singaporemom, yes, the nutritionist will help anyone who needs help.</p>

<p>There is a special table in Mitchell Hall that gets served extra food (I don't know if it's different food or just more) if you're uber skinny. You can also get ensures, cliff bars, and other supplements to try and gain weight. A guy in my squad who is an absolute stick also got a fridge approved in an attempt to gain weight.</p>

<p>It's just more food, at the weight gain table.</p>

<p>A fridge? Aren't they allowed after your first year anyways?</p>

<p>Yeah, they are. He must have been a four degree, because then he would need approval for a fridge.</p>

<p>Hmmm ok thanks... I see incentive for fourth degrees to stay skinny ;)</p>