Hell Week

<p>How are you guys doing?</p>

<p>Coffee has lost effect</p>

<p>118 views 1 response. Guess people are too busy to reply. LOL!!!</p>

<p>I'll get back to you in a week..</p>

<p>This week was fun lol. 7 APs in 4 days. Expected results: 6 5s and 1 4.</p>

<p>i had 5 AP tests and i am absolutely burnt out. i freaking had to go to a freaking fair like 20 minutes away to take my ap physics test. i had to leave in the middle of a class to rush down there. let's see, got out of class at 11:15, got there at like 12:00, then had to wait till like 1:00 before the test starts, and then the test doesn't end until literally 4:40. then had to deal with traffic. absolutely horrible. friend said it was the worst day ever. grateful to a friend for driving me there. just had another ap test today. ended at 3:30, sigh. school ended an hour before. i hate afternoon AP tests. then i did some "parkour" and here i am. i fully expect to fail every single one of these AP tests. i only took them because my mom made me. i cbf to study. but i don't care. i'm glad it's finally over. =)</p>

<p>7 sounds brutal. i'd rather take 7 AP tests in 4 days than spread out over 14 days though; best to just get them over with</p>

<p>2 down 1 to go!! with finals</p>

<p>haha, I didn't want to post here yesterday because it was so late.....but it's late again today. I'm all done with half my classes, but still got a substantial amount ahead of me for the ones yet to go. I feel good about it, though.
I have been exploring some library spaces I haven't studied in before, since a lot of my favorite spots appear to be quite popular and often occupied. it's been entertaining. (it's kind of sad that I'm even saying that, but I guess it's great that Cornell has nice libraries?)</p>

<p>Hell week? Try hell month. 4AM to 7:30 PM at the hospital for the last 7 weeks along with having to come in at least 1 weekend day per week. Last week, one of the other med students didn't show up, so I had to come in both weekend days despite the fact it was my birthday and I was sick. After 12 straight days at work, I finally got a day off. I've pretty much broken the 80-hour/wk work law every single week and infected two members of my medical team.</p>

<p>^Is this at Weill @ NYC?</p>

<p>Nope, another med school. I won't be going into surgery so I might as well get the most out of my surgery rotation. </p>

<p>My daily schedule for the last 7 weeks:</p>

<p>3AM: wake up, get ready for work
4AM: show up at the hospital, talk to the overnight nurses about anything that went on overnight with my patients
5AM: wake up my sleepy and annoyed patients so I can do a physical exam on them
6AM: round on all the patients with my resident and come up with the day's plans for each patient
7AM: write as many progress notes as possible
7:30 AM to 5PM: surgeries all day while keeping an eye on the floor patients
5PM: post-op checks, evening rounds
7:30PM: sign out to the overnight team
7:30PM - 10 PM: dinner, studying (gotta find the time to read 3 textbooks within 12 weeks), prepare for the next day's surgeries so when the attending pimps me in front of everyone I won't look like a dumbass
10PM-3AM: sleep
3AM: repeat</p>

<p>i took a vacation this past week. Hell of a lot of wine consumed.</p>