Hello Everyone. I wanted to find out about the diversity at baylor as an Indian International

Hi. I am an indian who is interested in pursuing premed at Baylor. Since baylor is a religious, conservative university, I was wondering if I would face discrimination. I have no problems with the baptist values. I have no problem with any race and any religion. I just don’t want it to be a thing that I worry about. I don’t want to worry if I am good enough to talk to a peer, or a professor you know. So please guide me

The website Niche is a good way to read reviews on schools.

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@goldmidnight7 I would not be worried about that sort of thing. Indian people go to Baylor and are not made to feel like they are not good enough or not welcome there. I’ve toured so I know it’s more diverse than you might be thinking. So you don’t have to be Baptist/Christian to attend. They have two religion classes that are required to take but it’s more about education from a historical, philosophical perspective.