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<p>Hello! </p>

<p>Thank you all for visiting Monmouth University's page. Has anyone applied to Monmouth for the Fall of 2011 yet? </p>

<p>Monmouth's Early Action deadline is approaching quickly on December 1st. Make sure you have filled out Monmouth's application at <a href="http://www.monmouth.edu/apply%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.monmouth.edu/apply&lt;/a> , paid your application fee, sent your standardized test scores and high school transcript to make your admission process complete. </p>

<p>If anyone is interested in visiting campus, please look at all out campus visit dates and times on our website: Monmouth</a> University: Schedule a Visit or call the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 732.571.3456.</p>

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<p>Saw the college with my daughter and loved it. Was very disappointed to find out they do not offer music scholarships to music majors. Kids are involved in private lessons and other programs in high school. Working for years on their repertoire to go to a college and audition to try and get money towards their education. I was very surprised to find that out and my daughter was very disappointed. Monmouth was her first choice and now its not.</p>

<p>My daughter applied EA to the 5 year MBA business program. Does anyone know if she gets rejected from the 5 year program, can she still get into Monmouth as a regular student?</p>



<p>Yes if she is not eligible for the 5 year program, she can still be admitted to Monmouth University and the Business program. Did she recieve a decision yet? Let me know how I can help.</p>

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<p>In regards to scholarship, through the Office of Admission, Monmouth offers merit-based scholarship. This is based off of a combination of GPA and SAT or ACT scores. The scholarship ranges from $3,000 to $16,000 per year. </p>

<p>Check out the Scholarship Inquiry Form to obtain an unofficial scholarship amount:</p>

<p>Monmouth</a> University: Scholarships </p>

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<p>Do a lot of kids go home on the weekends? My DD doesn't want a suitcase school.</p>

<p>I'd like to know this as well. We live 3 hrs. away and my daughter won't be able to come home very frequently. I've read the same about it being a "suitcase" college. We toured the college in April and my daughter loved it! Right now, Monmouth is her first choice, but I have my reserves.</p>

<p>Bumping this up, still wondering about it being a "suitcase" school.</p>

<p>I didn't attend, but I live nearby so I'll throw in my opinion on suitcase school. I think you can say that about pretty much any school in NJ. The state is so small and most students in school in NJ are from NJ, so going home for the weekend is always going to be a viable choice. That said--it seems like there is plenty happening on the campus on weekends during the school year. Concerts and sports and such. The campus is beautiful. You can get to a bunch of restaurants and bars and shopping in the area surrounding the school so it's not like there's nothing to do there and you would be dying to leave for the weekend.</p>