Hello, I need help.

<p>Hello everyone,
I'm new user on this forum, i have some questions related to college & admission. Actually i'm immigrant & came here just few years ago when i was like 19 or so, i had just finished my highschool from my native country when i received my immigration papers & didn't got a chance to join college there(in my native country). After coming to US life was really hard & i had to work to settle here, time passed & today i'm 24+ & just high school graduate(i think it is not even high school equivalent here). So i wanna know with this age of 24+ will i be able to get admission in college for Associate degree, will my native H.S degree/diploma work for admission, will i be the only person of age 24+ in my class or there will be few others too. I had already filled application & submit it for fall 2012 & waiting for CUNY reply, i mailed them my photocopy transcript too, so am i going correct.</p>

<p>I 'm eagerly waiting for replies.</p>


<p>I would think a good place to start would be at a community college.</p>

<p>I applied to CUNY via their website. Can you please answer my questions in my first post.</p>


<p>Hello guys, plz reply if any one have answers for my questions.</p>

<p>Hi friends, plz reply my queries in the very first post. Thanx</p>

<p>Also how long cuny take to repond for my application?</p>

<p>it takes a few months to respond to your application. but there are other people that go back to college when they are older but it will mostly be younger students.</p>