Hello Prospective Crusaders and parents

Hello all, just wanted to get a little discourse started about Valpo since I believe it is a solid education and an underrated school. I visited, and it will be one of my top 5 choices. I’m pretty familiar with it; so if anyone has any questions about the university, I’ll try to answer.

I’m excited to have received my acceptance letter today as well as Merit Scholarship. (20,000 a year, 29 ACT for those looking for a reference point to predict from). Would love to hear from current students about the school as well.

When did you apply?

I submitted my application September 2nd

Congrads @tennisbuck! I am hoping for some news for my DS soon. It is my understanding that they notify by regular mail. What kind envelope are we watching for?

Congratulations on your acceptance and scholarship, @tennisbuck! Good to hear how quickly they got back to you. Did you hear anything before receiving your acceptance letter? My kid applied last week but hasn’t been notified that the application was received or anything like that.