<p>Hi guys, I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong section. It is my first time here and I am unfamiliar with the settings. So I am sorry. </p>

<p>anyway... </p>

<p>I am an undergraduate student, and I am just trying to figure out if I should even bother applying this cycle. So this is the application break down:</p>

<p>CC GPA - 3.7
Science classes at the CC
Bio 1 & 2 = A
Chem 1= A
Chem 2= B</p>

<p>University GPA OA= 3.48
University GPA= 3.20</p>

<p>Transfered to a university
First semester:
Orgo 1- C
Calc- C
Physics 1- B</p>

<p>Second semester:
Microbiology- A
Physics 2- A
Cell biology- B</p>

<p>Third semester:
Orgo 2- C
Genetics- A
Ecology- B</p>

Shadowed 2 physicians- 20 some hours
ER volunteer- 200 hours
Work- Pharmacy tech 3 years (hospital)<br>
Club- public relations
Club- treasurer
club- member

<p>Strong recommendation letters for sure. </p>

<p>Research but no chance of publication </p>

<p>I know I have not done good at all. My parents are forcing me to apply. Their point is that how would I know unless I apply. I have not taken the MCAT yet. What about D.O schools? Do you think I have a shot at a D.O school? I have shadowed a D.O physician. Please just be honest and tell me what I already know.</p>

<p>You certainly can't apply THIS cycle. Most of the deadlines have passed.</p>

<p>I meant this coming up summer. Summer 2010</p>

<p>Looks pretty weak, to be honest. You might get in somewhere but if you want to be strong, you'll need to bring that GPA up a bit (3.66 is average) and get an excellent MCAT score. You could also use some research experience. Retaking ochem would be good considering you barely passed both semesters. You would also need to do extremely well on the MCAT. I'd wait a year and strengthen your app if I were you.</p>

I know I have not done good at all. My parents are forcing me to apply.


Out of everything, this stands out the most.</p>

<p>You clearly do not feel you should apply right now, so don't. If you end up getting rejected, being a re-applicant can hurt you if you decide to try again afterward.</p>

<p>For that matter, do you really want to go to medical school or is that your parents too?</p>

<p>no I def want to go to medical school. I am just very discouraged because I don't think I have ever studied as hard as I did this semester and my grades were horrible. I studied for ecology a lot pulled 95's on 2 exams, and one 87 on a test. I had an A teacher decides to curve the class down and I ended up with 89.4. I emailed him and he said sorry turning a B+ in to A- was not fair.
Organic I studied my butt off for that class. besides the point where I am just not good in chemistry my prof does not believe in curving. He failed 58% of the class. only 2 students got an A, 5 got a B and rest of us all got C's. Now I am so very glad I passed that class even with a C but adcoms wont see that. They'll see my C and reject me.</p>

<p>Have you considered doing some post-bacc coursework?</p>

<p>I was hoping I did not have to do post- bacc. I still have spring 2010, summer 2010, fall 2010, spring 2011. I don't graduate till next May. I am almost done with all the science classes I need to graduate. So mainly I just have exit requirements and electives left. I could graduate this December but I figured I might as well just stay and take some more classes.</p>

<p>Oh my bad, I didn't see you only just finished your 3rd semester! In that case you still have plenty of time. If you think you can take some higher level courses in chem and do well in them, do that.</p>

He failed 58% of the class. only 2 students got an A, 5 got a B and rest of us all got C's.


<p>What makes you think this? Did the Professor say this in class?</p>

<p>He did not say that in class but the TA's posted that on the BB.</p>

<p>If 58% of the class is truly failing, that seems to me like a cause for complaint. If you really believe that's the case, then you should check with the Dean to see if there is anything that can be done.</p>

<p>I find myself skeptical of this claim, but it's always possible.</p>

<p>We already signed a petition and took it to the department.They would look in to it. I don't think anything will happen because the professor in question has a huge grant from federal government and only has to teach one class every other year. He has tenure. His lab is so freaking awesome.</p>

<p>I am trying not to think about that anyway. It already happened it won't help me. So I guess I won't apply this year, work on my GPA and apply after I graduate. Depending on my GPA than I guess I could either take that year off and work while working on my application or the worst case I would have to do a masters program. Does this plan sound about right and my only option at this point?</p>